30th nov

I write these little poems
To appease this little beast
Inside of me
Gnawing at my foot.
I have no patience for this
Arms stretched out
I will cut it off
And will look back at my toes
That never could run so far
And from my fingers
Stained with my own blood
Sprout in its place
Little feathers
Little black feathers
Absorbing selfishly
All the light around it
And i will fly off
Farther than i have ever gone
Writing my little soul out
—  Jenn Satsune // Nov 30th
okay, imagine
  • Simon buys this new awesome car, after baz teaches him how to drive
  • Baz is literally in love with the car

  • because damn

  • what a beauty

  • so they are at their private garage when simon shows him

  • and simon tells baz he’ll give him a ride

  • simon gets in the driver seat

  • and baz sits in the passenger seat

  • simon puts the key into the ignition

  • and baz is awaiting impatiently

  • because simon doesn’t start the fucking car

  • instead, he turns his head left, looking at baz

  • and gets closer, and closer

  • and kisses him

  • and snogs him senseless

  • i mean, so wild that he actually has to sit on top of baz

  • and baz gets so turned on

  • so he goes to take simon’s shirt off

  • except simon stops him and grabs his wrists

  • he tilts his head so his mouth is right beside baz’s ear
  • he opens his mouth and baz can feel his breath tickling his ear
  • it’s so fucking hot, damn

  • and then simon whispers:

  • “front seat’s for people who haven’t been kidnapped by fucking numpties.”
  • (and so simon takes baz to the backseat)

this is for the @carryon-countdown prompt (nov 30th)

1D Hiatus: Day 353

* #congratulationsliamandcheryl trends on Twitter

* Louis meets a fan

* Ryan Seacrest and JoJo Wright interview Niall on their radio shows

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

It’s Nov 30th, 2016.

Yukine Week 2016

All of the votes are in and here’s the final schedule for Yukine Week 2016 which takes place from Nov. 28th till Dec.4th! 

Day 1 (Nov. 28th): Loyalty (or) Snow
Day 2 (Nov. 29th): Family (or) The Dark
Day 3 (Nov. 30th): Growing Up (or) Fluff
Day 4 (Dec. 1st): School/Studying (or) Suzuha
Day 5 (Dec. 2nd): Bonds/Relationships (or) Cats
Day 6 (Dec. 3rd): Past & Present (or) Strength
Day 7 (Dec 4th): Blessed Vessel/Hafuri (or) Happiness 

Since there were so many prompts submitted (thank you so much for that), there’ll be two choices of prompts for each day of Yukine Week! You can do either or both if you’re really feeling it, it’s up to you~ Also, you don’t have to participate in every single day of Yukine Week; it’s a pretty busy time of year so no worries if you can only contribute for a day or two.

Make sure you tag your posts with “yukineweek” or “Yukine Week 2016″ as those are the ones I’ll be watching. I look forward to seeing your submissions!


Home from surgery, it went well. The surgery itself was supposed to last 45 minutes, but it ended up taking 3 hrs. It was waaaay worse than they thought and my wrist was super unstable. I ended up with a large incision, two pins and some wire. Nov 30th I go back to see the doctor, then they will put a hard plaster cast on me for 6-8 weeks.

Proposal for Undertale Shipping Month  November 2k16

Nov. 1st. Alphyne

Nov. 2nd: Alphyne

Nov. 3rd: Alphyne

Nov. 4th: Alphyne

Nov. 5th: Mettaton x body pillow of himself

Nov. 6th: Alphyne

Nov. 7th: Alphyne can’t have 5 minutes alone without Papyton bugging them

Nov. 8th: Alphyne

Nov. 9th: Alphyne

Nov. 10th: Undyne x Charasmaticdreemurr  

Nov. 11th: Alphyne

Nov. 12th: Alphyne looks at your internet history 

Nov. 13th: Alphyne

Nov. 14th: Charisk fights the cistem

Nov. 15th: Alphyne

Nov. 16th: Alphyne

Nov. 17th: Alphyne destroys #Undertail

Nov. 18th: Alphyne

Nov. 19th: Alphyne

Nov. 20th: Platonic Soriel  

Nov. 21st: Alphyne

Nov. 22nd: Alphyne cosplays as your favorite yuris

Nov. 23rd: Alphyne

Nov. 24th: Onionsan x Jerry 

Nov. 25th: Alphyne

Nov. 26th: Alphyne hardcore anime cosplay and rp

Nov. 27th: Alphyne x 2  

Nov. 28th: Alphyne + 100

Nov. 29th: Alphyne

Nov. 30th: Alphyne x Alphyne