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Happy Wasteland Designer Showcase is back!

Designers! We are excited to announce we will be re-launching our settlement design showcase for the new year!

We will be featuring a particular settlement or design feature in order to highlight our community’s creativity and to show some love to some under-represented settlements (we’re looking at you Murkwater)!

*NEW* We are also adding a monthly non-settlement specific theme you can also submit works from, in case you’ve already built something you want to show off.

Showcase submissions and reblogs will be featured in the side bar and reachable by a special tag. They will also be automatically posted instead of queue’d (The queue is at least a week long at any given time)

Participate by tagging us @happywastelanddesigner, sending the post to @wastelandercamo or @percivalhastings, or by using the submit link at the top of the page!

Our current plan for showcases is as follows:

Current Showcase:

Family housing & places for kids



February - Winter Abodes

1st-12th Croup Manor

13th - 28th Valentine’s Home Plate: either make a cozy little love nest for your LI, or show our favorite Synth Detective some love by making him his own private oasis

March - Faction Bases

1st - 15th Echo Lake Lumber OR Murkwater Construction Site

16th - 31st  Oberland Station

April - Spring Fling: Gardens and Farms

1st - 15th Kingsport Lighthouse

16th - 30th Longfellow’s Cabin OR Warwick Homestead

May - Defensive Strategies

1st - 15th The Minutemen’s Castle

16th - 31st Tenpines Bluff

(Get it - May Day, they need help? ha. ha? oh well, it’s funny to me)

June - Family Housing and places for kids

1st - 15th Dalton Farm OR Abernathy Farm

16th - 30th Greygarden

July - Markets and Shops

1st - 15th Vault 88 OR Covenant

16th - 31st National Park Visitor’s Center OR Coastal Cottage

August - Dog Days of Summer: Pets and Creatures

1st - 15th NukaWorld Red Rocket OR Red Rocket Truck Stop

16th - 31st Hangman’s Alley

Past Showcases:

Croup Manor

Home Plate

Echo Lake Lumber & Murkwater Construction Site

Oberland Station

Longfellow’s Cabin & Warwick Homestead

Abernathy Farm & Dalton Farm

I hope you’re as excited as we are! Happy Designing and remember - Show us your WIPs!

Let us know if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns! We love to hear from you!