Jared Leto Imagine - His ‘friends’ are mean to you

Anonymous said:Can you do an imagine with Jared and the reader , the reader goes to one of his shows and backstage when Jared steps away for a sec some of Jared’s friends make fun and call her a groupie and the reader gets really uncomfortable and leave and Jared gets pissed and all that , you know how to make a good story happen💞

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Also if someone doesn’t know what a groupie is, I’ll help you out. A groupie = A young woman who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys.

Your P.O.V.

My entire body felt like a bottle of coke that had been shaken too much. I was simply so excited and happy today. Why? I won a internet competition and now I’d have a meet and greet with Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars! He was my idol and I couldn’t be gladder to see him in person. 

After two weeks of waiting , the moment was finally here. I made sure that my outfit was on point before going further inside. I was wearing blue shorts, a long sleeved white shirt, fishnet socks with black boots. Then I had my echelon necklace and a few rings. I didn’t do much to my hair, because I didn’t want to seem overdone. The most important thing was the fact that I’d meet him.

So with a pass around my neck I was allowed to the backroom where Jared was. He was shooting for a movie these times, but he made time for this. So basically I was here at the set with loads of people around us.I didn’t mind. A big metallic green door opened and a guard told me to go. That I did.

He was right there in front of my eyes. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on my idol. He was talking to a group of men and they seemed to have a nice conversation. Time seemed to freeze. I mean, he was there for real! Jared fucking Leto in his fancy ass clothes and that slick look on his entire body. He had black pants, grey sneakers and a blue button-up shirt.His brown hair was put back with gel and he had a short stubble, because he had to shave his cute beard for this role.  Then he turned around, probably because he heard the door.

‘’Hi!’’ He chirped happily when he saw me. Jesus christ. What was air? ‘’Hi’’ I tried to say as normally as I could, but the second I moved my mouth, I wanted to smile and cry at the same time. Jared noticed that I was struggling to do anything so he walked over with his strong arms wide open. It was very inviting to hug him. So I did that. I wrapped my arms around him and felt how he did the same to me, squeezing me into a real nice hug. He smelled really nice, like cologne. Then he was warm. His hug just confirmed that he was real, he existed!

‘’So you’re the lucky gal?’’ Jared asked me happily after a while. I stepped back and looked into his blue eyes. It was so surreal. ‘’I guess so’’ I answered him. To my surprise I was shy. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ I added, for some reason needing to tell him my name. ‘’That’s a pretty name. I’m Jared’’ He let me know and I laughed. Of course I knew who he was. ‘’Oh shoot’’ He suddenly breathed out sharply. He touched his torso and then his pockets, like he was looking for something. ‘’I’m gonna go and get the camera so we can take a picture. I’ll be back before you know it’’ Jared promised me. I nodded and he hurried to find a camera. He was literally jogging. I was left alone with his friends.

‘’So what will your story be?’’ One of them with raven black hair spoke up. I turned to look at the small gang with only three men now. ‘’Huh?’’ I gave him a confused look. They shared a laugh and then came closer, making me a little nervous. ‘’How will you try to fuck him?’’ The same man cleared his words. My eyes widened in surprise. Was he serious? ‘’I..I’m not trying to do that’’ I defended myself, suddenly feeling really bad. Why would they think so?

‘’Save it girl, you’re obviously some kind of a slut. Just look at you!’’ The guy with dark brown hair and a huge white T spat this time. Ouch. My breath hitched in my throat. They all checked me out with nasty looks. ‘’Just admit it, you’re a groupie’’ The last man spoke. That felt really bad. ‘’No I’m not!’’ I sighed and shut my eyes for a while.

‘’Well your lies ain’t bulletproof. You should go before he comes back. We don’t have time to fuck around, you’re wasting time’’ The raven guy told me harshly. Suddenly my eyes stung. I felt like crying and those tears wouldn’t be happy tears. ‘’But I came to see him, not to fuck him’’ I whimpered, blinking away tears that foolishly landed down my face. It felt bad, really bad.

‘’Go on, leave. Tears won’t save a nasty little groupie. What if you’ve got aids or something?’’ One of them laughed out loud, making the others laugh as well. That’s it. Jared would come back seeing me in tears and he’d never believe me. I turned around and headed towards the door. This felt unreal. I never expected to leave early feeling like total shit.

Before I could push the door open, I heard Jared’s voice. ‘’Guys what the hell?’’ He barked, sounding angry as fuck. A shiver ran down my spine and I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep my tears in. ‘’We’re just helping ya out mate’’ One of them scoffed, playing innocent. I just stood there, unsure of what to do. ‘’Get out of here now before I get angrier’’ Jared warned his so called friends. Then I heard his footsteps coming closer. ‘’Are you serious?’’ One of the guys asked Jared in disbelief.

‘’I said get the hell away from me or else you’ll regret staying’’ He yelled loudly, making me flinch. Talk about a first meeting gone wrong. A couple seconds later we were left alone and I felt like I would burst. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around so he could see my face. He didn’t seem angry anymore, more disappointed. 

‘’I’m so sorry’’ He whispered and put a hand on my jaw, making me look at him. I tried to speak, but I was choking on tears so nothing came out. Instead I shook my head and faked a smile. ‘’I don’t know why they would say those things..damn’’ Jared continued and then took a deep breath. ‘’It’s okay’’ I lied, not wanting to bother him. 

Meeting Jared was overwhelming enough but this was over the top. If I’d be home, I’d put Thirty Seconds To Mars on my speakers and cry out to them. Now I felt lost and confused. I didn’t want to cry, but I felt too anxious to keep it in. ‘’It’s not okay. That’s really a dick ass move from them’’ He growled under his breath. Jared seemed upset as well, but more angry upset. ‘’Maybe I should go, I don’t want to ruin anything’’ I thought out loud. I tried to step back, but Jared didn’t let me off hook so easily. He grabbed my wrists and more or less forced me to stay.

‘’Y/N’’ He said my name seriously. That’s all it took to make the tears fall down my face. I sniffled and then I looked down, attempting to hide my face from him. Damn this was embarrassing. ‘’I think that we should have a second chance to meet. One without those douche bags’’ Jared started something suggestive. What was he talking about? ‘’How about I make it up to you and we go out and do something sometime?’’ He suggested hopefully. I looked at him like he was joking. Then he saw that I was crying.

jared wiped away my tears with his thumb, making me feel better. ‘’Would that be fun?’’ He cooed after a while. I nodded and then cracked a small smile. Man this guy knew what to do. ‘’That’s good’’ He smiled back and pulled me close. I knew he was a cuddler, but this was really comforting. ‘’So how about we calm down, ignore those idiots, take some pics, walk around and then change numbers?’’ Jared made a plan. ‘’That sounds neat’’ I replied and felt much better. I was so surprised that he decided to comfort me and tell his friends to go away. I was just a fan after all.

‘’That’s good to hear’’ He admitted and patted my back. Now I sure knew why he was my idol. Not only was he a good artist, but he was an amazing person.

I Believe In Nothing (100 Suns Sequel: Chapter 11)

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Zoë sat there, in the middle of her sofa, not moving. Her shaking hand clutched the letter as she read it again, and again and again, until the words were embedded in her memory. She was sure of it.

Biting her lip, Zoë finally closed the letter, not knowing what to do with herself. She knew that this day would come so to say she was in a state of shock would be well, lying. Everyone’s pasts somehow rekindles in the most unforgiving ways.

Why did hers?

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Yes, sir - Chapter 21

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*I’m so sorry this is short but I didn’t want to give it away even though I do think it’s obvious lmao*

Victoria felt Jared walk past her. Behind her, the door opened. A draft of cold air breezed a chill across her skin. Then footsteps. She tamped down her panic. He wasn’t going anywhere. He couldn’t be. The raw tenderness in his eyes and the unrelenting grip of his hands on her convinced Victoria of that. So what the hell was he up to? He cupped his hand around her shoulder and settled against her, whispering in her ear, “The safe word is still water.” Even blindfolded, his tension couldn’t have been clearer if

he drew her a picture. “Okay, but I won’t need it.” Jared exhaled. Warm breath on her cheek, then the soft skate of his fingertips down the slope of her breast, followed by the hard pull of his mouth on her nipple. Instantly, a path of fire zinged between her breasts and her clit. Moisture rushed between her folds. The pleasure was so bright, Victoria even felt a curious warmth at her back. She couldn’t squeeze her legs together for relief, since Jared had tied them so far apart. With her wrists attached to her thighs, she couldn’t raise her arms to clasp him closer when he shifted to the other breast, making the second nipple as hard as the first. A moan slipped free from her throat. Caressing a hand down her belly, Jared rewarded her with a soft touch. His fingers made teasing circles across her thighs. His knuckles swept over the fringe of her mound. His hand shook. Victoria held her breath, waiting, wondering… What was going on? Slowly, he knelt between her feet.

His hot breath hit her right… Oh, yes!…there as he parted her slick flesh with his thumbs and exposed her every secret, stripping her bare of uncertainty and inhibitions, ripping out any concept of wrong or taboo, and replacing it with need. Victoria simply felt his eyes devouring her most secret flesh, hungry, single-minded. Blood rushed through her body. A rush of tingles scraping across her skin made her feel so totally alive. Cool air against her breasts contrasted with a blast of heat at her back…and the rasp of Jared’s hot tongue dragging across her clit. Her head fell back on a gasp. “That’s it,” he murmured. He laved her again. “Cream for me.” He followed the gentle nibble with a firm swipe of his thumb right there, where she needed it. Once, twice, punctuated by his seeking tongue again. And again. Then his mouth covered her, his tongue lashing her clit, toying, stroking, inflaming. The rise of pleasure was sharp, beyond fighting…even if she’d wanted to. But resisting was the last thing on her mind. 

Thick desire stormed her…along with a bittersweet curl of emotion. How was she going to do without Jared after he’d finished with her? Shoving the thought aside, Victoria focused on the here and now. Desire. She dug her fingernails into her thighs. In the face of her spiraling need, a brief sting was the only sensation she could spare. Everything else was focused on Jared and his mouth. And when he worked a pair of fingers into her, she gasped, hanging on the edge by a thread. 

“You can’t come yet, Victoria.”She whimpered. “Please…” “Tell me again, do you want everything I can give you?” “Yes! Yes, sir. Now.” A hesitation, brief, bare. Then Jared sucked her clit into his mouth. An ache bit into her belly with unmerciful ruthlessness and pushed her closer to the abyss of pleasure. She whimpered as the hot swell of need rushed up on her, pushing her close, so close to the edges of her restraint. Every muscle in her body tensed under the lash of Jared’s lazy, insistent tongue.

“Good,” he murmured against her wet, swollen sex. “Then come for us.” “Us?”