Night Of The Hunted: Three

I managed to finish the last part of this chapter at work today, so here you are as a gift for your kindness and extreme patience!

          It looks like Ms. Von Bertrand is in charge for tonight! 


'And then Odysseus heard the most beautiful sound; it sounded like singing, but it was also whispering at the same time. Like the music was speaking to him and him alone: he heard the songs of his home and the words of his wife, he heard the cries of his child, and the crying of his mother. The Sirens knew just how to get inside of each and every mans head. They knew what made him tick and they knew how to break him down.'

"You didn’t answer my question, Jared!" the dominatrix snapped.

Dresden grabbed his ear and yanked him sideways so she could whisper in his ear. “Pay attention when your domme is speaking”

The singer tried not to cringe at her touch. “Yes, Madame”

Jared shook his head and tried to focus on what was now happening; the blonde had been speaking to him about what the night would entail while he bowed to her- the musician had gotten so bored he allowed his mind to wander back to his childhood, the comforting smell of books and his first acquisition on Greek mythology.

"Now do as I ordered" she commanded, waving the cat-o-nine tails through the air.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been paying attention. “Um, what was the order?”

Dresden was not a kind dominatrix, she didn’t allow half-assed submission and she certainly didn’t stand for a hoity-toity musicians who thought they could fuck anything they wanted. She demanded perfection and would not stop her torture until she received it.

"Wrong" she barked, hitting him with the tails across the back "I didn’t give you permission to speak, slave!"

Jared hissed at the sting of the tails but knew better than to complain; there were MUCH worse things that could be done to him. The blonde pressed her high heeled foot down on his spine, forcing him to face plant onto the floor.

"Do you want to try that again, bitch?" she hissed, digging her stiletto into his skin.

"Ah, ow! I’m sorry, mistress!" he cried out.

It hadn’t really hurt that bad, he was just worried that she might cause some permanent damage to his back tattoo. The Echelon would throw a fit if he somehow ruined his giant Orbis Epsilon and his artist would no doubt asked what had happened- that was a road he really did not want to travel.

"You’re not paying attention, Jared!" she yelled, slapping him across the face.

If that was meant to be punishment, it didn’t work; pain was one of the musician’s major turn ons and the bulge straining at his fly was a testament to that.

"You know what, pet? I think I’m going too easy on you, I think I’m being too nice and you need to learn what it means to be a SUBMISSIVE. Crawl!"

Before Jared could even rise up off his knees, the blonde has already grabbed the back of his collar and was practically dragging him along with her. The singer had to control his impulse to yank her arm away and pin her down instead.

"Stay!" she ordered, tossing him forward "On your knees, whore!"

He did as he was told, soon feeling the ‘floor’ underneath him rise several feet thanks to the remote hidden in the blonde’s palm. With lightning speed, Dresden had him handcuffed and tied into a semenawa position with rope. Soon enough the singer’s feet were spread and tied the edge of risen table, leaving him completely at the blonde’s mercy.

"What the fuck? Dres?"

The dominatrix slapped him again, punishing him for using her name. “Don’t think I’m above gagging you, Jared.”

"You can’t fucking- ahh! Wha da fu do y- ah!"

Dresden had taken the sash off her robe and had effectively tied off his mouth, giving him enough space to breath but making it too uncomfortable to talk.

"I would have much preferred to hear you beg but since it seems that you still need to learn a lesson in manners, it appears you’ll need to stay silent for this part. I hope you don’t like these pants because they’re going in the trash. Oh and try not to cry, Jared- it makes for a very unattractive submissive"

Her warning made the musician tense and he went over all of his previous limits in his head; she wouldn’t dare try to break the rules, would she? The blonde used a scissor to cut through his sweatpants and walked away with the ruined pieces of material, leaving him naked. He heard a cap being opened and something taken from Dresden’s counter of tools.

"Push out, Jared- you’re going to take this"

His stubborn nature made a protesting grunt erupt from his throat in protest.

"If you want to tense up for this then by all means ignore me, but I’m trying to be kind"

The cool wetness of lubricant touched his anus and Jared squealed, angry that she had broke the agreement.

"It’s not a dildo or a breakable object, pussy" she snapped, reading his thoughts "Now push out or I’m going to force this into you"

The businessman knew he had a choice; either push out and submit to her humiliating punishment or use the safeword and lose the bet. He wasn’t going to wimp out just for this!

Jared pushed outwards toward her and he felt something hard pushing into him; it wasn’t her fingers, it was too small to be one of her fingers and it hadn’t hurt him at all. He was about to ask what it was when a clicked button answered his question and he started spasming like an epileptic on speed.

"Oh my fuck, shit!" he shouted through his gag.

Dresden chuckled. “Now, now- let’s not get carried away. Can you control yourself for five seconds?”

The singer was thrashing this way and that, completely unable to control himself as the bullet vibrator hummed in his ass and mercilessly teased his prostate. His cock was positively straining now and the dominatrix took notice.

"Uh, uh, uh- not yet, I don’t think" she scolded, reaching into her pocket.

Jared saw what she had and he shouted. “No, fuck- no!”

She ignored him and placed the cock ring right on the base of shaft, trapping his swollen cock.

"When you’re ready, slave- you can beg me and I just might let you cum"

The blonde walked away from his tied body and sat down on a chair in the corner. Dresden took out a compact mirror and checked her lipgloss before pulling out a book from one of her drawers and opening to a fresh page. Jared tried his best to control his responses, to stay still and not make noise- but it was no use: the feeling of the vibrator combined with the torture of the cock ring had him shouting and squirming. Five minutes passed and the musician could take no more.

"Please!" he shouted "Please, make it stop! No more, please!"

Dresden looked up from her book, seeming completely uninterested in the singer’s distress.

"Hmm, a few minutes more I think. Yes, definitely a few more minutes"

He squirmed, trying to get her attention. “No, please- PLEASE mistress! Please, I beg of you!”

The B word seemed to get the blonde’s attention and she stood up, leaving her book on the chair and walking over to Jared’s bound body.

"I’m sorry, what did you say?"

His blue eyes were pleading with her. “Please, mistress: I beg of you!”

She raised an eyebrow and removed the sash from his mouth. “One more time”

"Please, mistress! I, your worthless slave am begging you to PLEASE let me cum!"

The dominatrix smirked. “You’re right, slave: you ARE worthless. I think you deserve a reward, but only after you take your punishment is that understood?”

Jared nodded as quickly as he could, just desperate to finally have the fucking ring off.

Dresden turned the vibrator off and walked around her sub’s bound form several times before deciding what she was going to do. The blonde reached for a ping pong paddle and climbed up over the singer’s body, straddling his torso backwards and caressing his butt.

"Now Jared, I know you said ‘no spanking’ but what I am about to do is paddle you- I’m going to paddle your ass for your defiant behavior. Do you understand?"

With the vibrator no longer humming in his ass, the lyricist was able to think clearly and he wasn’t happy with Dresden’s program. Jared started shaking his head and trying to escape from his bonds.

"No, no, no! Don’t you dare!"

The blonde slapped his skin, re-asserting her dominance and letting him know she was still in charge.

"Jared: either use your safeword or shut your mouth"

He huffed and growled, angry that he had allowed himself to get into this position in the first place. Once he stilled, the dominatrix caressed his sore skin and purred at his compliance.

"Good boy… A few more, I think"

Dresden began to swat at the globes of his ass, moving so quickly and swiftly that the singer soon lost count of how many times he was hit. Now satisfied, the blonde dropped her paddle and hopped down from the raised space- walking over to one of her drawers and pulling out a small jar. Jared knew better than to ask what she was doing and clamped his jaw shut to keep from crying out.

"Stay still, slut" she ordered, screwing the cap off.

The musician watched her walked around his bound body and disappear behind his buttocks. Something cold hit the skin and he flinched, feeling Dresden rub in whatever the gooey stuff was all over his red skin.

"It’s analgesic gel" she informed him "It will help stop the sting and make it easier for you to sit tomorrow"

He nodded, knowing to get his release he would have to play nice. “Thank you, mistress”

"You’re very welcome, slave" she replied, sounding surprised.

Although Jared could practically feel his pulse beat in his trapped cock, the singer had to admit that what she was doing to his skin felt really good. The massaging, the kneading, the rubbing of his abused flesh was allowing the pain to float away.

"Do you want more lube?" Dresden inquired, taking the sash out of his mouth and fingering the outside of his hole.

He flinched but nodded, knowing that lube quickly dried up during ass play.

The dominatrix pulled the vibrator from the musician’s ass and coated it with an ample amount of K-Y before pushing it back in and turning the vibe back on. Jared shouted through the gag, so turned on but so denied at the same time: he couldn’t hold on for much longer. Dresden sensed his urgency and removed the cock ring, now stroking his swollen shaft as the vibrator teased his prostate.

"Now slave" she whispered, using her lubricated hand "I want you to tell me when you’re about to cum, is that understood?"

The musician nodded, thrusting his hips into her hands. “Yes, madame. Mistress, please”

"Please, what? Use your words, whore" she directed

Jared gasped. “Tighter, hold me tighter” he begged “And faster, please- I’m so close!”

The dominatrix did as he asked, watching his facial expressions as he rushed closer and closer to climax.

"Oh, fuck: I’m gonna cum!" he warned.

In the blink of an eye, Dresden had turned the vibrator up to it’s limit, squeezed Jared’s cock, and yanked his hair backwards. The myriad of sensations rippled into an effect so strong, the musician orgasmed harder than he ever had in his life; he couldn’t stop cumming. By the time Jared was finished, his semen covered the floor below him and had his knees coated in a sticky mess. The sated feeling of finally getting his release was short lived when the musician realized that the vibrator was still buzzing in his ass.

"Fuck, fuck, shit! Turn it off! Turn it off, Dresden: TURN IT THE FUCK OFF!"

The blonde raised an eyebrow. “Did you just give me an order, slave?”

Jared didn’t realize his mistake until Dresden had wrapped her hands around his softening cock and began to stroke and squeeze, torturing his over sensitized length.

"No, no, no, no! Ow! It hurts, it hurts- please, just stop!"

The dominatrix chuckled. “I told you yesterday, Jared: I’m not going to be kind and I sure as hell do NOT take orders from my subs. Although, if you can’t handle it- you could always use your safeword”

"No!" Jared shouted, determined not to break.

Dresden released his spent dick. “Good boy; and now for your punishment… You still need to learn how to submit, properly”

The singer groaned, knowing that this time it wasn’t going to be something as kind as a paddle…


Three orgasms later, Jared was putting on a spare pair of sweats that Dresden had stashed away for her clients. The blonde was sipping her martini while she leaned back against the St. Andrew’s cross and propped her feet up on the spanking bench, clearly content with herself.

"If any of THIS has caused permanent damage; my lawyer will be in touch" Jared warned.

Dresden snorted. “Please! A bit of friction burn and an aching arsehole won’t cause any ‘permanent’ damage… Why do you care anyway? It’s not like your groupies wouldn’t be happy enough to get on their knees for you even without an orgasm”

"I would like to have kids someday" he informed her "And a working dick is a fairly large part of that equation"

His news caught Dresden by surprise and she nearly choked on her martini. “You want kids?”

"Someday" he repeated, lacing up his shoes "Why is that so shocking?"

She shrugged. “I don’t know… I just didn’t think you the type; your work seems to come before everything”

"Until I have a wife and kids; then they come first" he said adamantly "What about you? How many rugrats are you hoping for?"  

The musician must have hit a nerve; he saw a flash of anger in the blonde’s eyes a split second before it was replaced by something that looked like pain or hurt. Tears rose up past her blue orbs and Dresden gulped back the last of her martini, trying to inconspicuously wipe her eyes.

"That’s enough for tonight" she said, standing up "I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Leto"

"Wait, you didn’t answer my question"

Dresden stood up and was practically pushing Jared out of her playroom. “There isn’t anything to say; I already told you that I don’t do intimacy. Conversations like that build intimacy and bring people closer- I have no desire to be close to you”

"Fine. Show up tomorrow wearing something presentable, not that potato sack you wore last time. Farewell, Ms. Von Bertrand"

"Fuck off, Mr. Leto"

The blonde closed the front door in Jared’s face and it made his feathers all the more ruffled. He couldn’t wait to pay her back for tonight…