4. Favourite non-human character

6. Favourite antagonist

To be honest I never really liked Ruby. I always felt she was in the way in one way or another. And because of that she’s the perfect villain. She wormed her way in under Sam’s skin and into his life and she made him trust her.

I always felt there was something wrong, but I could never really pinpoint it. So, when she finally told Sam about her plan, her plan which took two years to play out I must say I was impressed. I never would have guessed what she was up to, and that makes her perfect in my eyes. She risked her life wherever she went. She couldn’t trust anyone, not Sam, not the other demons and especially not Dean. But she took that risk and succeeded. 

She’s fierce and cunning and basically everything I love in a woman. Besides the fact that she pretty much managed to destroy Sam and Dean. And I have to admit that I like 2.0 better than 1.0. I never took to Katie Cassidy as I took to Genevieve. 

30 Days of SPN Women.

#2. Favorite one-off character (4/4): Tammi.

No, not at all. You’re not our Messiah; we don’t believe in you. But there’s a new leader rising in the west, a real leader. That’s the horse to bet on, Sam. The one who’s gonna tear this world apart. Thing is, this demon, she doesn’t like you very much, doesn’t want the competition. Nothing personal, it’s a PR thing. So, buh-bye.