Welcome to the Otayuri Reverse Bang 2017 Event!

What is a Reverse Bang?

A reverse is a lot like a Big Bang, if you’re familiar with that. In a Big Bang both authors and artists sign up. Authors are given a minimum of words for their stories and have an aloted time to write them.

When they’re done, their stories are up for claims! Which means authors can go over the summaries and pick the one they’d like to create artwork for. The artists and authors are then paired up and work together to deliver a story + artwork that will be posted on a certain date!

A Reverse Bang is exactly like that, except artists go first, and then authors are the ones who decide what kind of artwork they want to write for.

What is required of artists?

Create a brand new piece of artwork, picking your medium of choice. It has to be new and unposted in any kind of internet platform. You may draw about anything as long as it’s otayuri centric.

With your art, you will also submit a little prompt, or a short description of what inspired your work, so writers can better choose what they’d be interested in during claims.

You have until March 4th to sign up, and until March 24th to submit your entry.


What is required of writers?

Pick a piece of artwork during claims time, something that inspires you, and write a story for it with a minimum of 4,000 words.

Coordinate with your artist, to get a good idea of what they had in mind. Communication is important!

You have until March 30th to sign up, and until May 19th to submit the completed work along with the art.


Are you only accepting artists and writers?

Short answer: yes! But we are also considering photosets and gifs as art, so if you want to participate by doing that you can.

You can also sign up as a beta reader or a pinch-hitter! A beta reader is the person who reads over an author’s story and helps with spelling errors, grammar, sentence structure, plot, etc, and a pinch-hitter is a person who, if someone drops out after having been paired up, swoops in and fills in the free space the drop out left!


What’s the schedule like?

8 February - Artist and Author Sign ups OPEN
3 March - Artist Check-In #1
4 March - Artist sign up CLOSED
17 March - Artist Check-In #2
24 March - ART DUE
28 March-30 March - Art Previews Up
30 March - Author signup CLOSED
31 March-½ April - ART CLAIMS
8 April - Assignments Out
16 April - Author Check-In #1
29 April - Author Check-In #2
12 May - Author Check-In FINAL + Last Day to Drop Out
13 May - Pinch Hitter Call
19 May - Author Stories DUE
23 May - Posting Starts

Are all Check-ins mandatory?

Absolutely. We want to be able to keep track of everything and make sure everyone is having a good time, so please check your e-mails around the check-ins!

Check-ins will be quick and painless and will come in the shape of a little form for you to fill out.

LINKS: Rules | FAQ | Schedule | SIGN UPs| Submission details 

Happy creating!

Your mods,
Ren & Rita


( 1 7 . 0 9 . 1 7 ) maybe waking up early will work for me after all? my schedule this morning was something like: 

6:00-6:30: wake up, coffee and almonds, skincare 
6:30-7:30: preview microbiology theory 
7:30-8:30: preview microbiology lab and textbook 
8:30-9:00: breakfast, stretching, get dressed

being productive is the best boost for my mood and mental health 🌙✨ it’s a bit like cycling: you stop, you fall; you keep looking straight ahead, you maintain your balance.

I can’t believe Harry “I don’t drink” Styles is literally drinking in the first 30 second preview of his album. Like this bitch just says shit to be dramatic whenever he can, he doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Ask him what day it is on a Saturday and he’ll say Sunday just cause he wants to see someone PANIC.

anonymous asked:

do u still think lance will pilot black??? bc by the looks of it,,,, it doesn't seem like he will & im so upset. (obviously keith will be an amazing leader too i'm just so in love w black paladin lance)

I can say with total confidence that Lance will pilot the black lion at some point in this series, even if he’s not the official black paladin. 

I have a feeling leadership within the team is going to be a lot more flexible in the coming seasons. None of the characters can be a leader alone like Shiro was, so they’re gonna have to work together to do it, particularly Allura, Keith, and Lance. I think we might actually see some lion sharing. 


Simblreen 2015 retextures

..and here are my very late simblreen treats as an official upload. If you came knocking on my door during simblreen, you don’t need to download these again, they are the same packaged (minus the special simblreen thumbnail). Woop woop!

  • 30 swatches each (see previews at each download page)
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Meshes not included (follow the link at the download page)


stealthic vivacity // nightcrawler let loose // nightcrawler lydia // anto omen // anto countess // cazy izzy // cazy marion // anto paraguay