30s hollywood

(via Slate; The story of William Haines, the silent film star and gay icon.)

Charles William “Billy” Haines

Was the first openly gay Hollywood star, who would later become Hollywood’s go-to interior designer. Billy and his partner Jimmy Shields, mixed with Hollywood icons and wealthy celebrities for decades. They met in 1926 and soon after a whirlwind romance, Billy moved Jimmy into his home. 

For still debated reasons, Billy’s movie career ended a few years later. The pair, however, stayed together until 1973 when Billy passed away. Soon after Jimmy took his own life, leaving a note saying, “It’s no good without Billy.”

While there were celebs who shunned them for their openly gay existence, true friends remained. During their almost 50 year marriage they were adored by many, including famous friends, William Randolph Hearst and Joan Crawford.