30 days roll the dice challenge: day 1.
Q: Favourite thing about canon in general.
Dice: *** (3)
Canon: TCTF (1/5)

Yeah, I didn’t leave this crossover, and I won’t leave it. I’ll get back to the blog as soon as I’ll finish with other stuff. I had a really rough end of summer, but things will be back to normal one day.

There are so many things I adore about each of those movies, but there is a thing I absolutely love, which happens to characters in all of them. It’s growing better. Each of these characters goes through their own and very different adventure, but by the end of the movie they are not the same as in the beginning. They’ve learned, and they understood some important things, and they applied it to themselves.

In this picture, I written the piece of advice they could give to someone else - after they acted to it themselves.

On the unrelated note: they are all so sweet, I can’t.
On another unrelated note: I love them for being awesome and for showing others (us) how to.

Stay tuned for other TCTF art, other questions and other canons. I wonder what will be brought to me tomorrow by mighty random.

30 days roll the dice challenge: day 27.
Q: Favourite soundtrack.
Dice: ** (2)
Canon: Robot series by Isaac Asimov (5/5)

Let me tell you, my sense of humor is disaster.
Well, since The Caves of Steel was never adapted into a proper movie or a proper series (for shame, really, the series would be gorgeous), there is no real soundtrack to it.
But sometimes I listen to random music while reading.
And once “Forbidden Friendship” started playing. And it just linked perfectly, so now it’s like my personal soundtrack for this book.
And I honestly meant to draw something pretty.
But then this dialogue kinda happen in my head and it was all over, and pretty was forgotten. Well. Happens.