I wish I was bothering to use a nicer style for these.  But oh well, I design in a sketchy and horrible manner.

Name: Spell
Age: 16
Spell is a morph who was brought to the tower with her Binder when he came to work as an instructor.  He told the people in charge that she would be great at being a janitor.  He lied, and he knew it.  Spell may always be carrying around her mop, but she does anything but clean.  her Binder is a loon, and it has rubbed off on her quite a bit.  She spends her time tormenting the students, playing harmless tricks on them like hiding their clothes when they leave their room.  Since she’s assigned to cleaning duty, she just happens to have a key to most of the rooms.
She takes joy in reminding freshmen that black cats crossing your path are the worst of luck.
Spell has been with her binder since she was very little, long before she started to show signs of being a Morph.  Because of this, he and her share a very father-daughter bond and it is looked at with great disapproval by other binders, particularly Madam Ilaizabelle.

I am sorry I did not colour the mop on this ref.  I hope you can imagine it with colour when I say that it is the plainest of plain mops.


Two more characters for the character challenge!  I still have to make my character for today, but I’m still thinking about that, so have the ones from yesterday and the day before. : D

The first character is a Morph belonging to one of Aly’s characters that lives outside of the city, sadly she hasn’t posted him yet.  He’s around the age of 15, and thinks he is ALL THAT.  He’s rather loud and boastful, but…isn’t that powerful at all. lol  He’s also super adorable. :>

And the second character is also a morph!  But she lives in the main city.  She got tattoos that resembled the marks Binders and Bound morphs have to trick people into thinking she is already bound.  She has spent years escaping the tower and doing her best to live a life away from captivity.  She would love to escape the city and go to the more wild surrounding areas, but doesn’t quite know how.

Name: Arthur Dubhall
Age: Middle 50s

Arthur is a powerful binder, which is probably the only reason the tower keeps him around.  That and he is in fact, a very good teacher.  There is one tiny thing that the people of the tower despise about him however, and that is his buddy-buddy attitude towards most Morphs, particularly the little cat Morph he brought with him.
Arthur’s personality is very out of place around most of the tight lipped, bookworm people at the tower.  He’s loud, brash and generally takes pleasure in sticking his nose in business it doesn’t belong in.  He’s very good with his students and never lets his own opinions on how binders and morphs should interact interfere with his teachings.

I might start not posting each day and posting two or three at a time, as I get to less and less interesting characters. lol