Day 6- Guilty Pleasure

Marissa’s favorite things to do are things she wouldn’t tell anyone even if her life depended on it, becaue well one of them is quite stupid. It started out as a joke born from boredem but it’s gotten out of hand.. she makes small tents for the cockroaches in her house to live in! There used to only be three tents but now there’s around ten, she won’t admit it but she enjoys making the tents and watching her “family” grow

Mari’s other guilty pleasure isn’t so harmless though…

While she’s on the job she likes mess with the mind of whichever unfortunate octoling decides to oppose her, taunting them, threatning to kill them if they don’t tell her what she wants to know just to see them look terrified and beg for mercy. this “tactic” doesn’t work on Elites though, they know better than to be afraid of a petty inkling. She doesn’t kill anyone, yet some octolings she comes in contact with disappear after she splats them, not because she herself killed them, but because their commander wasn’t too happy they failed the mission. Those who have met her and survived have given her the nickname “Yellow Eyes” due to the reflection of the light on her contacts making it seem like her eyes glow yellow. Rumor has it that her eyes glow yellow before she kills you,

Care to play a game of true or false?