Baby, now it’s your birthday one more time. Sometimes people drive me crazy because of their comments. But you were born to make me happy, and what I say is from the bottom of my heart. So you did it again, and now you’re 30. I’m so lucky of having you in my life, because you’re strong, and with you I learned how to be stronger. If you’re sad, don’t let me be the last to know it. I’d do anything for you, cause I’m a slave for you. You’re not overprotected anymore, cause now you’re a woman. You love rock n roll. You drive the boys crazy. You were against the music, and you won. You intoxicated all of us. Everytime I see you, I get happy. You’re outrageous in your way, and that’s your prerogative. You do somethin’ and it’s in everywhere. I hope someday people will understand at least a little bit of your history, cause if they did it, they wouldn’t judge you. But don’t care about that. Gimme your smile and remember: everybody wants a piece of you. You don’t need to say anything, cause your smile breaks the ice. When you smile, the whole world smiles. You radiate love. If the womanizers had you, they wouldn’t want anybody else. You turn the world in a magic circus, where you’re the center of the attentions. So, if you’re still seeking amy, use your radar, and then you’re gonna find her. If you said you want my body, I wouldn’t think 3 times: I would hold it against you. I will love you till the world ends. I wanna go with you anywhere you wanna. We can be criminal, if you want to. I’d do anything for you, my eternal queen.

You showed me that people can’t judge anybody if you don’t know them. There’s only 2 years but time doesn’t matter. What really matters is the love I feel for you. You make me smile, your smile is the cutest and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Your hair, your eyes, your body, your legs, the way you love your beautiful children, the flawless mom you are, the way you love your fans, what you do for us, everything makes me so proud of you. I’m not proud of your #1s, your “over 100.000.000 discs sold (actually 105)”, your hits, your tours, your albums. It makes me really happy. But I am actually proud of who you are, Britney. And I’m SO FUCKING PROUD of saying:


So I have 3 words for you: I LOVE YOU. You can multiply it for 10, but it’s not enough. So, thank you, thank you so much.

- Gabriel :)

So this morning I had my friends who run the morning announcements play Lucky/OIDIA over the loudspeaker on the way to first period in honor of Britney’s birthday. And then my favvv diva MARTINE took the mic at the end of the announcements and was like “AND A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO BRITNEY SPEARS!” Lolz I was wearing my Brit shirt and a few of my teachers were like “You celebratin’ Brit’s birthday?” And everyone at school - even a guy, and I NEVER get compliments from str8 guys let alone talk to those playas - were like “Omg! Your shirt’s so awesome! Love Brit!” So many Britney discussions. Loved it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIT. Hope your 30s are as epic (though less turbulent…) than your 20s!