Bec and I were both disappointed by the lack of Narnia memes and challenges, so we created our own! Tag narniaedit and let’s make pretty things!

  1. Favorite movie
  2. Favorite entry into Narnia
  3. Favorite king
  4. Moments in your favorite color
  5. Favorite ship
  6. A scene in the books that you wish were in the movies
  7. Favorite villain
  8. Saddest goodbye
  9. Favorite queen
  10. Favorite non-Pevensie friendship
  11. Favorite Peter moment
  12. Funniest scene
  13. Favorite mythical creature
  14. Favorite costume/outfit
  15. Favorite Susan moment
  16. Favorite quote
  17. Favorite Pevensie sibling friendship
  18. Best casting of a character
  19. Favorite character development arc
  20. Favorite gift from Father Christmas
  21. Favorite side character
  22. Favorite Lucy moment
  23. Scene that makes you cry
  24. Favorite score/soundtrack music
  25. Favorite location
  26. Book that you want to be made into a movie
  27. Favorite Edmund moment
  28. Character you’ll die defending
  29. Best fight scene
  30. Anything you want