Sooooo yeah. This is what I meant by putting FAR too much work into a silly drawing, but I really liked the concept of this one so I guess it just happened! Hope you like the image as much as I enjoyed working on it. Also major props to Discorded as usual for the support and ideas!

>TMAC blog [NSFW]

Whoops, I actually finished this with the last batch of TMAC pictures but I completely forgot I didn’t upload it. I put in a bit more work than usual on this one, especially with that background, which is something I should really try minimizing for these TMAC refinements. (The next one I’ll upload will be a direct contradiction of this though!) Other than that, not much to say, Apul reporter reporting on crucial apple events! 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

>TMAC blog [NSFW]

So, I was going through my picture folders and noticed there’re several old pics I haven’t uploaded (for some reason), as well as a few 30 minute challenges I finished later and didn’t post, so I’ll do that now. :) I’ll add the date on them as well since they’re pretty much one year old now and also upload them to dA a bit later.

I’d love to do these challenges again but I’ve just been unmotivated lately. (not to mention rusty) :c

Aaanyway, here’s Fancy Pants in fancy lingerie from the 10.5.2013 challenge.

TMAC Tumblr [NSFW]