30 Day Challenge.

2. Favorites (Everything)

My all time favorite movie has to be either Thirteen or Titanic, but also Cyberbully. Thirteen is so wild and i can relate to some of things in in it; and Titanic is so sad and cute and perfect. Cyberbully is such an emotional film and idk i like films like that. My favorite books are the first hunger games ((its the only good one i liked tbh)) and girls under pressure by Jacqueline Wilson or the angel series by “katie price”’ so angel,angel uncovered etc. I never really read fanfiction but i have read ‘Teach Me How To Love’ (Mature Harry Styles fic) and it was amazing, so that's also one of my all time favorites. TV SHOWS: i like alot alot alot of programs such as skins, misfits, lost, PLL, the inbetweeners, the IT crowd, waterloo road, doctor who, good luck charlie ((don't even laugh)) etc but most series have ended now so i basically just watch reruns all the time :-) Music; I have really weird taste in music but basically the person i probably listen to the most would be Bon Iver, he is the only person i would listen to like all of his songs, i prefer to listen to soft, slow (sad) music because i’m just that type of person but i like all types of music tbh it doesnt matter what genre it is, if i like it; i like it simples. But i really do hate rock music though.

30 Day Challenge.

1. Write some basic facts about you;

My name is Victoria (Vicky) and i’m 17, i live in england. Half my family live in scotland, and my parents are divorced. I don’t go to school and i quit college about 7 months ago. I have one brother, ew. I’m a very secretive person, i don’t tell anyone (or hardly ever) how i feel, i prefer to keep myself to myself. My room is always untidy and i love sleeping.