Blue Skies over Bad Lands - by eldee

Pairing: Gwaine x Merlin x Arthur
Rating: E
Word Count: 75000

Summary: Merlin is fairly new to the town of Camelton, and finds himself in a friendship with Arthur and Gwaine. When Arthur’s sister Morgana becomes increasingly unstable, Merlin and Gwaine try to support Arthur and help Morgana, but she is tired of being the subject of gossip and having Uther refuse to claim her as his daughter. As punishment against the family, she banishes Arthur to a magical place called New Albion, and Merlin and Gwaine accidentally get pulled in there as well. When they happen upon the bridge-keeper Grittir, they’re told that by the rules of the land they have a chance to win their way home – if they can complete their quests. Courage, Strength, and Magic must work together again.

Mod Thoughts: OH. MY. GODS. I couldn’t stop reading this one. I loved the mix of modern AU and canon. There was a complexity to the story that I really respect, it was a bit wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey with parallel universes and reincarnation and memory and magic. I also really like seeing the boys in a M/M/M relationship that is actually functional and not just about sex.

Bit of a Puzzle, Fitting Together - by blue_eyed

Pairing: Gwaine x Merlin x Arthur
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 30723

Summary: It started out as a friends-with-benefits situation. Hot sex with hot guys. No one expected feelings. Title from the song “Three Days” by Jane’s Addiction.

Mod Thoughts: This fic has, hands down, the best description of a new polyamorous relationship I’ve ever read. The emotions are so complex and real. I adore a good threesome, but this fic is so much more than that.