30km walk

The Galactic Centre, by AlisterBenn

This one is special to me, I dislocated my kneecap at nearly 18,000 and had a 30km walk back downhill to the 4x4. I won’t lie, there were tears! As many of you may know, I lived in Tibet for a number of years with my wife Juanli. We spent a lot of time traveling across the plateau and making images in some very remote, high altitude areas. Mt Kailash lies to the far west of the Plateau with a small village nestled at the foot of the mountain at the height of about 4800m/15,800ft. As we trekked around the mountain and up to over 5500m I knew I wanted to try and shoot the Milky Way behind the mountain - and as luck would have it, we had perfect conditions. The setting moon gave enough light to get some exposure in the snow, but dark enough to get a good star field too. A very fortunate set of circumstances. Can’t wait to get up there again at some stage - it’s truly glorious and really quite spiritual.

PSA: Cost-Efficient Egg Incubating

Using the ∞ Incubator (Orange) on 2km eggs is the most-efficient use of it!

I came to this realization after sticking a 10km egg into the ∞ incubator.  I hope I can save other players from wasting the most efficient use of the 3-use incubators (Blue)!

Using the 3-use Incubators on 10km eggs nets you 30km total of walking use before they disappear!  For comparison, using it on three 2km eggs would be gone after 6km!


Orange/∞ incubator  = 2km eggs
Blue/3-use incubator = 10km (or 5km) eggs

anonymous asked:

hey guess what my horse is completely sound, sane and has never been sick in his life - and he is in his stall all day and has been for 19 years. He is taken to shows frequently so its not like he doesn't see the light of day ever, or doesn't ever have the chance to eat grass. He's so gentle he's used for the 3 year olds starting to ride. He is perfectly fine in his stall and prefers to stay in it/will only want to stay outside for a small amount of time.

Okay, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have ill effects on their mental state. The health issues associated with it you won’t necessarily see because they’re often related to respiratory and circulatory issues. Digestive issues are also a problem.

The reason behind him not liking to be outside for extended periods of time is probably because of the fact that he’s been stalled all day for 19 years. If you locked a human child in their room for their entire life and then randomly shoved them into open areas for short stints of time, it would be unbelievably scary and stressful for them because it isn’t what they’ve grown used to.

Just because nothing has happened yet doesn’t mean this is a good way or a kind way to treat your horse. It really isn’t proper horse care to force a horse to be indoors all day. Even a small paddock for the majority of the day would be better than a horse standing in their stall.

Congratulations, your horse isn’t outwardly showing any signs from being stalled but you are kidding yourself if you think it’s healthy both physically and mentally for a herd animal who’s supposed to walk 30km+ with their head down grazing each day to be locked up in a stall. You wouldn’t kennel your dog 24/7, why is it okay to do it to your horse?