30k club

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but what happened on monday? did the breakfast club reunite as friends, unafraid of judgement from their parents and peers? were allison and bender welcomed at claire and andy's lunch table? did andy and allison go steady, and did allison stay true to the fashion sense that made her comfortable? did bender ever become more than a weapon for claire to use against her parents? did bender ever learn it was better to try and change the world instead of just blindly rebel against it? did brian ever seek help for his depression? did they all help brian find self value outside of his intelligence? did claire, allison, brian, and andy all start purposefully earning saturday detentions to keep bender company? did they all begin to associate detention with a feeling of safety and a space to be their true selves? did they eventually move that association onto each other and become true life long friends? i like to think so but idk.
you're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

Pairing: Vkook (Side, Yoonmin, Namjin)
Genre: Romance, Smut, Angst, Drama, FWB, Strangers to friends to lovers.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He has seen Taehyung smirk, smile seductively, smile cheekily, grin lazily, but nothing like this. This, Jeongguk thinks, is what happiness must look in Taehyung.(He tries to ignore the way his chest pumps when he sees it, and the urge to see it again once it’s gone.)

Admin’s Notes: I AM FULLY PREPARED TO START A RIOT OVER THIS FUCKING FIC DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME IT’S PERFECT I FEEL LIKE I’M BURNING INSIDE HELP ME. Honestly this is some top notch vkook with drugs and sex and sweaty clubs and angst and its just the best. Pls read this and scream to me about it thank you ilu. Warnings: Drug Use, Slut-shaming.

Link: AO3
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