Day 29 Prinosted to a camp site 30K past Split 115K

Awful night sleep. Pitched up farting distance from the toilet. Not sure how that happened, the glasses of snaps from the owner may have been a clue. The other reason was Otto the amazing diving dog slept outside my tent and snored all night and chased cats that came anywhere close.

When I woke he was sitting with a rock in his mouth looking hopeful. I had 4 TUC biscuits and a litre of milk for breakfast, so we shared it and moved on to the beach. Where I threw a rock into the water for him 50 plus times. I am sure I would still be there now, Otto loves a swim.

Road 8 runs the whole length of Croatia basically and hugs the coast line as it goes. The piece between my camp site and Split is fantastic. If you ever want to get away from it all, jump on a plane to Split and drive an hour north. Absolutely stunning.

Just outside of Split, met up with the Irish lads we met in Venice. They were hung over and trying to fix their bike. I got them going again. Some bar owner gave them 2 hours drink as much as like deal. He is probably now filing for bankruptcy. No doubt out paths will pass again.

Pulled into a nice camp site, I have the tent up and swim down pat now. 15 minutes from arrival to first swim stroke.

One observation. Why is fish so expensive vs meat at any restaurant worldwide. Even if the sea is on the doorstop! It makes no sense. That’s all.

Come to Croatia, but swerve their hotels and stay at the many apartments in every town.


Croatia Tourist Board

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congrats for reaching 30k subs on youtube :> *cough cough* ilu

Oh thank you!!  I have no idea why so many people like what I do, but I’m grateful!!  <3  >////<

im like. so sick of holding grudges against ppl tonight im forgiving everyone in the world and pretending tomorrow i start pretending like i never cut them out of my life. good end: everyone is redeemed. fix it fic 30k