Dal’Endal, The Breath of Stars

[Mystical Item]: Longsword

  • [Spirit Leech: Roll 1d5 after basic attacks/healing and abilities to add to your shield up to 30hp]
  • [+1 to Attack Dueling die]
  • [+1 to Mod damage/healing on basic attacks and abilities]

  Forged within the lost arcane forge of Zin-Zalai millennia ago, the sword known as Dal’Endal was created for Prince Ulthoril, a highborne favored by Queen Azshara herself. Meaning Breath of Stars in the elven tongue, it was said the sword was imbued with the magic of the stars and of the cosmos itself. Though perhaps an exaggeration, it nevertheless boasts a surprisingly powerful enchantment of warding that draws strength with each blow. Some would say that the sword itself hungers for warfare…

The sword was finished during the War of the Ancients and gifted to Ulthoril. Unfortunately, the highborne Prince fought at the side of his queen, who had allied herself with a terrible and vast army known as the Burning Legion. Ulthoril reaped a bitter harvest in the name of his queen, before he was struck down by an elven lord of the house of Valewind. The lord of Valewind, a man named Persephron, took up the sword for a much nobler cause.

In the aftermath of the Legion’s invasion, Persephron took the sword with him across the sea, in the banishment of the Highborne. He died amidst the fledgling kingdom of Quel’thalas, giving his life for the rising nation. It was King Dath’remar who took the blade, storing it within the vaults of Silvermoon to be used by the greatest of heroes in times of need.

It was during the Troll Wars that the sword Dal’endal found a new, permanent owner. As thanks for the service of House Indaris, a family that traced their legacy as one of the more powerful Highborne houses of old, the sword was gifted unto its patriarch Lord Alaran. Now the blade serves the Lord of Indaris, whomever they be. The young Aurelian has taken up the blade in recent years, believing it his right as heir to the throne of Indaris. 

With this sword, the blood of Indaris shall serve the faith of Quel’thalas as its guardian and protector. This I swear forever more.” - Lord Alaran Indaris

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Jai’Belore, Shaft of Sunlight

[Mystic Dagger]

[Spirit Leech: Roll 1d5 after basic attacks/healing and abilities to add to your shield up to 30hp]
[+1 to Mod damage/healing on basic attacks and abilities]
[+2 to Max damage/healing on basic attacks and abilities]

Given to her by Ranger-Captain Vaelrin Firestorm during the Winter of Woe, the dagger has seldom left her side, serving as a reminder of her lessons from Oosaarn Bloodaxe, and the reasons she needed to make sure she always returned. It has served her well, both to protect herself and to end the lives of those who would harm her and her own.

Recently, she has sought out the help of others from the Guard to reinforce the weapon, strengthening the core and adding a magical focus to better augment her abilities. In the end, it has become much more than a simple weapon or a memento, becoming the embodiment of both what she fights for and what keeps her going.

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BMW 700 LS Coupe (1964)

This was BMW’s first car after the Isetta series, and with it shares the honor of being the only postwar BMWs not to have the iconic kidney grille. Like the Isetta, there no real need for a grille at all here as the 0.7l motorcycle-derived flat-twin engine was mounted in the back, where it developed around 30hp. The LS Coupe was the long wheelbase version with a screaming 40 horsepower engine from the earlier Sport model.

Despite being such a tremendously elegant design, it cost only around $10,000 in today’s money. You can’t even get a Nissan Versa for that low these days! Of course, the Nissan probably has a few advantages in terms of safety, but can you imagine dropping $10k on a brand new BMW today?

Quick overview

Elise is the undisputed best healer in the game at the time of writing this. She has not only some of the best default heal skills but also a mount. Infact her horse is what makes up 50% of her amazing-ness as a healer. Being able to move an extra space in and out of danger is a valuable asset for a healer, as you might’ve guess, they have frail defence, especially Elise, which with 19 defence leaves her vunerable to most physical units, and her 30hp isin’t helping that. Elise also suffers from healeritis, the terrible condition which all healers face and just can’t compete for a slot on teams. At least Elise is the best right?

Base kit

So Elise starts with Recover, which adds 15hp to a unit in turn for +1 special cool down, its fairly decent and on the upper end of heal skills. She also comes with gravity, a staff which like her brother, stops the unit moving more than one space. Its very situational?, on one hand it stops units escaping but also there is one space between Elise and said unit, and what is to stop said unit from firing back, or if melee based, walking right up and bonking her and killing her faster than Xander did in birthright. Albeit if there is a gorge or a tree it might be useful depending on the foe, but I’d rather stick to assault. She gets kindled fire balm as her special an OH BOY, + 4 attack to all allies is amazing, and its short cooldown even with recover is good. Finally she comes with Live to serve, which basically heals her, as she heals, its a mixed bag, its a very nice skill but at the same time she has 30Hp she probably won’t live most things.

Suggested set

Local girl is still alive she never died :’D

+speed/atk - def

Assault/Absorb, Recover/reconcile, Kindled fire balm/ any balms/Miracle 

Hp+5, Wrathful/dazzling staff 3, Hone/fortify cavalry/ any hone

So Elise has one the highest attack stats of a healer, reaching 45 with a + attack nature, or 42 without assuming she has assault equipped it seems low but considering she is colourless most units take neutral damage from it. However wrathful staff is needed as for those who don’t know, Staff users suffer half of their damage dealt for using a staff, which is where the skill comes in and fixes the problem, with it she can act as a colourless mage of sorts. However if you don’t have it Dazzling staff stops counter acts and she can support the team nicely by then letting someone else take a easier kill. Hp+5 increases her magical bulk mainly and her poor hp, and the healing skill depends on your other units, do they reach below 7hp quite easily? Use Reconcile, of not, Recover is better. The balm skill you choose should depend on what youre team needs, or if running horse emblem, run Miracle as the skill is essentially useless as it does not stack with hone buffs. Speaking of horse emblem, Elise is the best healer for it, giving her +6 attack is more than enough to boost her damage out put, and she can essentially heal the other members. Though if not horse emblem just pick any hone, just not one with the same buff as your chosen Balm skill. Follow those simple rules and Elise will be healing in no time!

Okay there is one thing to say here and its a set so stupid it works. If you run this set with absorb, and duel horse emblem buffs on her, then Elise can become somewhat…. unkillable. Absorb with wrathfulstaff can let her heal herself while dishing out somewhat respectful damage, and the defence boosts mean she takes very little damage become somewhat of a wall despite base 19 defence at base. It takes a lot of support but if you cant get it to work…… send me a video

I cast mini-nuke

So I underestimated how powerful the fireball spell is in 5th ed. My players are at 3rd level and got a scroll of cast fireball two encounters back. They are facing 6 orcs, one boss orc at 30hp and one ogre at 63 hp.

The wizard on the first turn (a surprise round) incinerated five orcs outright and left the boss at 6 hp. I was livid.

Me: “This is the D&D equivalent of a mini-nuke.”

Paladin: “Blame the fireball man not us!”


THE MAGIC BEGINS-8/30.   A scene you really wanted to be in the movies, but wasn’t:

‘Fred-George-wait a moment’

The twins turned. Harry pulled his trunk, and drew out his Triwizard winnings. 'Take it,’ he said, and he thrust the sack into George’s hands.

'What?’ said Fred, looking flabbergasted.

'Take it,’ Harry repeated firmly. 'I don’t want it.’

'You’re mental,’ said George, trying to push it back at Harry.

'No, I’m not.’ Said Harry. 'You take it, and get inventing. It’s for the joke shop.’

'He is mental,’ Fred said, in an almost awed voice.

'Listen,’ said Harry firmly. 'If you don’t take it, I’m throwing it down the drain. I don’t want it and I don’t need it. But I could do with a few laughs. We could all do with a few laughs. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to need them more than usual before long.’

'Harry.’ Said George weakly, weighting the money bag in his hands, 'there’s got to be a thousand Galleons in here.’

'Yeah,’ said Harry, grinning. 'Think how many Canary Creams that is.’

The twins stared at him.

'Just don’t tell your mum where you got it…although she might not be so keen for you to join the Ministry any more, come to think of it…’

'Harry,’ Fred began, but Harry pulled his wand out.

'Look,’ he said flatly, 'take it, or I’ll hex you. I know some good ones now. Just do me a favor, OK? Buy Ron some different dress robes, and say the’re from you.’

THE MAGIC BEGINS: a Harry Potter Challenge

#30 - Favourite memory of the HP fandom.

  • Paris Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, on July 12th of 2011

I am not a fan of the movies, this is no secret, and when I started this challenge, I thought this 30th post would be dedicated to one of the fond memories I have of the books. Maybe the first time I read Harry Potter à l'Ecole des Sorciers, back in 1999. Or that time when I first finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in 2007. I was spending the summer in a host family in London, and I remember the mother asking why I was crying. Was I homesick? In a sense, I guess she was right. I was just not missing the home she thought I was missing.
I wanted to speak of these moments, but then I realised: this is not really a fandom thing. Because I was alone. And one of the most important thing about fandom is that it is a family.
This premiere was the first HP event I ever went to. And it was magical. I know, it seems obvious when talking about HP, but I truly can’t find another word to describe my experience this day.
I went with people from my Harry Potter Fanfiction Forum. There were about fifteen of us and we spent the whole day waiting under a radiant sun, laughing and chatting and reminescing about the best HP moments. We met new people, I got interviewed by TV, we literally had a blast.
Then it was time to enter the cinema, which was not really a cinema, but the concert hall Paris Bercy, where the biggest 3D screen ever was waiting for us. Actors came to present the movie. The French voices first. It was a great experience to see these people who usually remain in the shadows. And then our beloved cast. Evanna Lynch, James and Oliver Phelps, Mark Williams, Jason Isaacs, Natalia Tena, Domhnall Gleeson, and our very own Clémence Poésy.
And when we actually got to see the movie… It was just awesome. Having friends to share it with, who all said “Marina are you okay?” after the Ron/Hermione kiss because I was squeeing so hard, crying in Alice’s arms when we saw Remus and Tonks dead on the floor, shouting “Connard” when Draco joined his parents, laughing when Filch tried to clean the Great Hall, and all applauding and shouting basically at every single moment. All 11 671 fans were united and most of us went out with tears in our eyes. I know I did, with my Ravenclaw tie around my neck and Ron’s wand in my hand.
So yeah, I may not be the biggest fan of these movies, but this premiere is my favourite memory of thirteen years of being a Harry Potter fan. Because as long as we’re united, we remain strong.

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge - Day 5 - Saddest moment

But they were not living, Harry thought: they were gone. The empty words could not disguise the fact that his parents’ mouldering remains lay beneath snow and stone, indifferent, unknowing. And tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot and then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off, or pretending? He let them fall, his lips pressed hard together, looking down at the thick snow hiding from his eyes the place where the last of Lily and James lay, bones now, surely, or dust, not knowing or caring that their living son stood so near, his heart still beating, alive because of their sacrifice and close to wishing, at this moment, that he was sleeping under the snow with them.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, ch. 16 Godric’s Hollow