I cast mini-nuke

So I underestimated how powerful the fireball spell is in 5th ed. My players are at 3rd level and got a scroll of cast fireball two encounters back. They are facing 6 orcs, one boss orc at 30hp and one ogre at 63 hp.

The wizard on the first turn (a surprise round) incinerated five orcs outright and left the boss at 6 hp. I was livid.

Me: “This is the D&D equivalent of a mini-nuke.”

Paladin: “Blame the fireball man not us!”


THE MAGIC BEGINS: a Harry Potter Challenge

#23 - Death Eaters, Order of the Phoenix or Dumbledore’s Army?

  • Dumbledore’s Army

“I also think we ought to have a name,” she [Hermione] said brightly, her hand still in the air. “It would promote a feeling of team spirit and unity, don’t you think?” 
“Can we be the Anti-Umbridge League?” said Angelina hopefully.
“Or the Ministry of Magic are Morons Group?” suggested Fred.
“I was thinking,” said Hermione, frowning at Fred, “more of a name that didn’t tell everyone what we were up to, so we can refer to it safely outside meetings.”
“The Defense Association?” said Cho. “The D.A. for short, so nobody knows what we’re talking about?”
“Yeah, the D.A.’s good,” said Ginny. “Only let’s make it stand for Dumbledore’s Army, because that’s the Ministry’s worst fear, isn’t it?”