Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 11/30: Favourite floor routine - Aly Raisman

When watching my first ever online competition since the lightbulb moment that I actually could, I watched Aly Raisman spring across the floor with a tumbling pass I couldn’t believe. (this was american cup by the way) The whole competition was exciting but no gymnast had really caught my eye. Then it was the last routine. The commentators said something like “She is capable of some unbelievable tumbling…just wait until you see her first tumbling pass blah blah blah” yeah whatever those commentators seemed dodgy. THEN she started and they were right. I couldn’t believe it and I kept rewinding to see her first pass. Her routine has everything I love to see in floor; crazy cool tumbling, catchy music with a stong beat, and while others may disagree, dance that I enjoyed.


Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 18/30: A tumbling pass you love - Aly Raisman’s 1.5 through to double arabian punch front

*keep clicking on the gifs until they go in time*

I really don’t know what else to say about this, I already tried to explain as best I could. I can’t explain. So I’m not going to try again.

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 28/30: Favourite moment from the most recent olympics - Sandra Izbasa winning vault final

This was the moment that really touched my heart. There was so much drama in the final, but Sandra came out and vaulted well in her first vault. She didn’t make a fuss, kept focused and did the same for her second. Even after she finished she didn’t even look excited or seem to be too anxious for the score. But then her score was posted. All that emotion was just shown so suddenly and beautifully, she was so overwhelmed and happy and gracious and kind to the others it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

(full set of her reaction here though it doesn’t include her initial reaction, which was bent over crying and hugging her coach and the physicist [? i think] which was totally sweet)

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 30/30: Dream team of five or six gymnasts, from the past and/or present - Viktoria Komova, Nastia Liukin (2008), Sandra Izbasa, Kseniia Afanaseva, Aly Raisman, Aliya Mustafina

Last day :“(

OK. This was hard. So I just chose most of my favourite gymnasts, allocated what events they would peform in Team finals, and didn’t (tried not to) look back because I would either cry about not including everyone or never decide (or both).

I was tossing up between who to put on beam, I really wanted to use Musty so she would have two events, but eventually I decided that Vika had the higher scores (but it could change on the form each Russian was in).

Thank you to all who have supported me, said nice things, done the challenge yourself, and followed me because of this 30 day challenge.

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 21/30: Ugliest leo - Shawn Johnson, 2008 Visa Championships

There should almost never ever be flesh coloured parts on AG leos. Or orange. And usually not anything a-symmetrical. The orange one is the ugliest in my opinion, but I threw in the red bandage leo from 2011 visas because its pretty shocking too.

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 10/30: Favourite beam routine - Olga Korbut

This was so hard to decide, but I thought I would check out some older routines while I was going, and I’m glad I did. From the first time I saw Olga’s gymnastics, I loved it. Amazing. I prefer most of the 76 routine but then the 72 routine had the backflip front flip which was like wow.
(though Komova’s ?-2011 routine is probably my favourite from the more recent routines)

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 22/30: Best makeup - Sandra Izbasa

I love Sandra’s makeup. It’s sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle. It usually matches her leotard or the Romanian flag. Plus she’s gorgeous!

(and I’m really sorry this edit is soo terrible)

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 27/30: Gymnast you are most  like (personality) - Aly Raisman

I mean this is hard because there is limited interviews and things for the non english speaking gymnasts, but I picked Aly because what she says is similar to what I imagine I would say in the same situation if asked the same questions. Although I’m pretty much like hyper Aly in the tour bus video all the time.

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 7/30: Least favourite apparatus to watch - Vault

I don’t have anything against vault…it’s just that its my least favourite of the four! And I find I’m nervous sometimes because I can’t tell until the last moment whether a gymnast it going to make it around or if something will go horribly wrong. That said, I love watching any kind of gymnastics :)

Em’s 30 day gymnastics fan challenge 16/30: A hold/acro non-flight skill you love - planche

I’ve tried this so many times and it blows my mind how it balances. They also make for really cool mounts (Vanessa’s handstand full turn to planche WOW).

MY CREYS THE GIF DOESN’T UPLOAD IN FULL COLOUR :“( you can look here to see it though :)

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