Favourite 30 blogs: Flawlessbieber

>> where do i start!? you’re one of the nicest beliebers on tumblr, i love how you’re really sweet with everyone. Love your edits and most of all your friggin drawings, you make me wanna through my art book into the trash can lol. keep up the great work, maybe you could draw my sexy face someday :)

favourite 30 blogs: Cityb0y (aka bieberpower)

>> Tara you’re just an amazing friend, i remember when i made my blog i used to see all your gifs all over my dashboard and i wanted to be your friend :p lol then i messaged u and we started talking and we had a lot in common lol i love how i can just drop in your ask when im angry or pissed off and you’ll just make me feel better. love you so much gorgeous ♥