30 Day One Piece Challenge
Day 23: A Particular Scene in Impel Down

Ivankov’s late reaction to Luffy’s shocking revelation

It’s not time for me to break out just yet! I understand the balance of power in the world. The Navy and the Whitebeard Pirates are both trying to shift the world in their favor… But “that man” has yet to make his move. The man who oversees  all the revolutionaries in the world… My companion… The revolutionary, Dragon!

I’m not quitting the 30 day shred but I feel like I haven’t been doing well with level 2. What I’m going to do is start from level 1 agian today and do it for 5 days then move on two level 2 and hopefully I’ll be ready for level 3. After the shred I’m thinking of either doing a second round of it or starting piit28. What do you guys suggest?