22. You’re making the sequel, what happens?

Brace yourself, I have a whole movie in my head with unfinished parts.

After trying to be a couple during the summer, Jesse and Beca decided to break up (in good terms) because they realized that they were more like brother and sister than lovers. Everything is cool between them, just good friends. When Beca comes back for her sophomore in Barden, she has to find two new girls for the Bellas (Fat Amy would be the co-captain, Stacie on choreography and I’m trying to find other things for the rest xD but now they are even better than the last year) After winning the championship the previous year, there are a lot of people auditioning for the Bellas, which makes even harder the fact that Beca has to choose just two girls. Finally she chooses a redhead girl (cough) and somebody else (nothing in particular). Initiation, blah, blah.. Fat Amy and Beca are roomies and Amy starts to notice the very close relationship friendship that Beca has with Chloe, who is now working in *insert here a place not too much away from Barden but far enough to not be able to see her daily*. During practices Beca has to put ‘an Aubrey’ (no puke involved) to make the girls work hard, everything is going on pretty well, but at the Riff Off they found out that the Trebles now have a 'wonder kid’ (not amazing like Beca but something like that) and all the girls start to freak out about Regionals and blah, blah, so Beca decides to ask for help to the only two persons that she knows that are able to handle a group of girls like this. BOOM. Chloe and Aubrey are back, aca-bitches. They are back for a week, I don’t know what happens exactly during that time (told you, unfinished parts) but Beca gets even more close with Chloe and, after a conversation with Amy, she realizes that maybe she has feelings for her best friend. The Bellas are runner-ups at the Regionals, but they are highly motivated to kick asses on the next stage of the competition, which means more practice and stuff like that. I would love to add some nights out of the Bellas, like a karaoke night and those kind of things. Beca starts to push away all those feelings about Chloe and tries to cold their friendship a little bit, and you can imagine by yourself the reaction from Chloe when she notices that. We need some conflict, so I was thinking that maybe Jesse is getting very close of that 'wonder kid’, who of course wants to win and he’ll do anything to make that happens, and let’s just say that he starts to being a new Bumper. Or something like that, I don’t know. Aubrey and Chloe are watching the Bellas at the semi-finales (they win but the Trebles are going into the final too) and they have a little party to celebrate the victory. Here is the part when you can add whatever you want, but WE NEED A LITTLE BIT MORE OF BECHLOE HERE, at least a hug, a drunk kiss, a slap in the ass, WHATEVER. The thing are very confusing between Chloe and Beca (and of course the Bellas notice that). Beca starts to have problems with her music, practices and, at some point, she thinks about giving up. But that is the moment when Amy decides to ask for help from Aubrey and, with the rest of the Bellas, they try to help Beca with her issues (basically, why Beca can’t accept the fact that she wants Chloe because, let’s face it, Chloe really likes Beca too) and blah, blah, blah. Don’t ask me what happens with the Trebles, I don’t have any idea at this moment. In the end, Aubrey and Chloe travel to NY to watch the finals (Chloe refuses a little bit because she thinks that the things with Beca aren’t very well and yeah, Aubrey never told her about her visit to Barden) and The Bellas win with a whole performance with songs for Chloe and about her, of course (a little bit of Titanium, maybe?) AND FINALLY BECHLOE BECOMES CANON

Kay Cannon, u feel me?????

Not sorry at all. Actually, I’m sorry about my writing in English, but let’s ignore that.

27. You get to give out the award for best performance by an Actor or Actress in Pitch Perfect, who wins?
There is no doubt about the talent of Rebel Wilson. She has done an amazing job and totally won with her improvisations during the movie. Before of the movie I saw a few of her works, but in Pitch Perfect she was really amazing in everything. A+ for Rebel. Also I think that we have to recognize the work of Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow, both have done a wonderful job with their characters.