Very Happy with myself 🙌, these are the pants I couldn’t fit into these past 7 months :) I was a size 16 after my pregnancy, Now I’m back down to the size I normally was!!! Although it took me a while to get just a few pants sizes down and I’m still not “2piece” ready I’m learning a different lifestyle, I know it will be easier to maintain the weight off & it just doesn’t stop here 💪
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As much as I don’t want to post the first one, i want to show myself what I’ve done. The first one was 43 weeks ago. The second and third were today. Since then I’ve lost 30 pounds! I can’t believe I ever got to that size , but it’s because I was unhappy. My life has been completely changed around and since then I’ve been a happier person so the weight started to come off. Since then I’ve started to go to the gym when I have the motivation and honestly just naturally don’t eat the same size portions I used to. I obviously still have a lot of work to do to be fit, but this is a start. I’m feeling a lot better about myself and that is hard for me to do. Don’t make fun of my first picture, I was fat and I know this.

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