- my dad’s team won today.
- congrats!
- but they’re fighting again.
[…] I think I have to go down.  I’ll be right back.
- is it bad?  should I come over? call the police?
- see you tomorrow.
- what happened? did your dad hit your mom?
- no.
- what happened? is it a secret?
- yes, I won’t tell anyone.
- I’ll tell you my secret.  let’s trade.
- I saw my parents doing it.
- Truthfully… I… Like…
- A person’s heart has countless levels.  Its depth cannot be known.  Its limit can’t be known.  Yes, the truth is uncomfortable.  But if we don’t embrace discomfort, then we must live the rest of our lives believing what’s fake to be real. We embrace inconvenient truths.  What we see is not all we know.
- Truthfully… I like… Yoon Jae.

kdrama challenge; favorite scene
secret exchange, in Reply 1997


kdrama challenge; a drama you’ve watched more than once
You’re Beautiful

- it’s the sun that does everything, day or night.
- maybe I’m a parasite on you, like the moon is to the sun?
- well, still, the moon isn’t useless.  even if there are many stars, I only see the moon.