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Ps: it’s missing the lockscreens of famous, bc the other girl that made the pack with me, deleted it.

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Ps3: this pack contains: +1k pngs // +200 random locks // +70 lyrics locks // +100 favs locks // +50 textures

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dear B,

I love you. I don’t think I’ll ever manage to tell you, but I’ll write it here and I’ll do my best to show you, whether that’s by slowly attempting to make physical contact a natural thing for us, or by drunkenly telling you that you’re wonderful.

truth is, B, I’m lonely, I’m lost, and I’m a bit sad. and something’s telling me you are too, so here’s an idea you’ll never see; let me hold you? let’s just lay down on something soft, close together, I’ll introduce you to my favourite music, you’ll introduce me to yours, I’ll hold your hand and kiss your knuckles. let’s just be happy, just for a moment, together.


Dear C,

Its been over a year and im still so angry over how you hurt me, and used me at my weakest point. Its been a year and a half and I’ve done my suffering. I’ve shed my tears. And now someone has done to you what you did to me, now you are the one suffering, it feels so good. But i’m still so angry and still so bitter. Seeing you burning alive is a pleasure unknown to many, but I still wish that I was the one who could have lit the match

You never loved me, but oh how I loved you. Im so glad you know what it feels to be heartbroken now.

- B