My deer,

Oh how I hate seeing you like this and being so far away from you when I know that the perfect thing to make you feel better would be to put my arms around you and hold you close.

I’m doing all I can but whenever you have your bad nights I’m afraid it won’t be enough.

I just wish I could tell you that your loneliness and your feeling lost will only change if you really try and do something about it.  You hate how you sit around and do nothing all day.  So do something about it.  You hate how your depression and anxiety holds you back.  So do something about it.  You hate how to yourself you seem childish and a horrible person.  So do something about it.  Prove to the nonbelievers and yourself that you are more than that.

If not for you, then maybe for me.

I can’t do anything more for you.  It’s up to you.

Please don’t let your past define your future.


Your star

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