If you guys do not know who Colleen is, she is a fantastic vegan, animal advocate who has published a few books and records really great podcasts.  Her podcasts have really helped me, especially as I was transitioning to being a full vegan.  They really helped me not feel alone.

Recently she released this awesome new book!  The 30 Day Vegan Challenge title is a little misleading.  It isn’t a book that lays out 30 days of vegan meal plans or whatever, because there are already a million of those out there.  

Instead, this book addresses pretty much every vegan topic out there.  Colleen has been doing this for quite a while, so she knows what she is talking about.  It gives a ton of information and makes a transition to veganism very natural and easy.  It is also great for those who are already vegans because it can help you by equipping you with the knowledge and the compassionate mindset to talk to nonvegans.  In addition, it has a lot of new recipes that are not in her other books.  Colleen is not specifically HCLF, but she is a great writer and is doing all she can to be a voice for the animals.  

If you can, support her awesome new book.  I bought it for the kindle for only $10(actually my husband’s kindle, but I put books like this on it and monopolize it until I am finished.  teehee!)  

Also, if you have not heard her podcast, I highly recommend it!  Her podcast is seriously awesome!  You can find the audiofiles on soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/colleen-patrick-goudreau

Day 2 - Dinner. Vegan pot stickers. Avocado, potato, corn. Seasoned with lime, black pepper, little bit of salt, onion powder, and garlic powder. Would have included black beans if wife liked beans. Made a mix and rolled in wontons. Lightly fried in vegetable oil. I garnished mine with cilantro. Absolutely incredible! #30dayvegan #nutrition #vegan

Day One.

I have absolutely no idea why it is so windy today… I am definitely compensating by drinking a little bit too much tea. Coconut chai tea is AMAZEBALLS.

For lunch, I was really craving a salad. Granted, I didn’t have too many ingredients, so I made what I could:

Arugula/Spinach Spring Mix



Baby carrots


Persian cucumbers

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar for the dressing

Super delicious!! I am thinking about making a quick vegan stir fry for dinner… Maybe.

Week 1 Summary - Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. This is my lunch today. Week 1 of my #30dayvegan challenge had its share of ups and downs. It’s too early to really gauge what effect it’s had on me, but I do have a pair of jeans that are falling off the hip a bit. Not tracking any weight loss, but I feel lighter overall. Spent half the time with a sinus / respiratory infection, so i didn’t get to exercise like I wanted to. Now, I clearly stated at the beginning of the challenge that I would allow myself a cheat day each week. I’ve been really good. But my folks from Louisiana are coming in town this weekend for my sister’s wedding, and i’m making full use of that cheat. Haven’t really been tempted to fall off otherwise. I’ve definitely spent more time than usual thinking about what to eat, so i’m already programmed to fully process what i’m about to put into my body. That’s a huge step. Anyway, 3 weeks to go! Thanks to everyone for your support and recipes so far. It’s a sprint; not a marathon.

Meal prep for the next couple of days: thanks to @shantaufellows , I found a sweet pitato recipe that I actually like. Mashed sweet potatoes with some coconut milk and lime, infused with a little bit of ginger. Pretty extraordinary! Also got some black beans, green beans and kale all steamed up. Unseasoned for now, but i’ll season to taste with soen Mes Dash and lemon when I eat them. #30dayvegan #nutrition

Day 3 - Dinner: Wife and I went to @greenseedvegan for takeout. I got the “lil red bbq”, which is bbq jackfruit with caramelized onions and pickles on a whole wheat bun. Instead of a bun I opted for the brown rice wrap and added avocado. Also sweet potato fries. When I inevitably get hungry again in another hour, got the “notyo salad”, which is walnut sunflower chorizo, avocado, pico, cashew cream & cilantro limon over microgreens. #30dayvegan #nutrition

Day 3 - Lunch: So, this is kinda like fast food. I really shouldn’t be eating it, but i’m in a hurry. The ingredients say that there’s a trace of egg whites, so it’s not completely vegan. Outside of that, it’s also a cocktail of chemicals. But I slapped this on some whole wheat, spread on some guacamole, and headed out. #30dayvegan #nutrition

Day 3 - Breakfast: Had oatmeal again, nothing exciting there. Decided to break out the new #cuisinart juicer this morning. I blend fruit smoothies for breakfast 2-3 days a week already. It’s easy and filling. I’ve juiced before, but don’t do it often because I hate to waste the fiber and pulp. But i’ll mostly use the juicer to make quick drinks when i’m craving a sugary soft drink. This particular concoction contains: pineapple, pear, carrots (i’d prefer to use whole carrots, but I already had baby carrots in the fridge), strawberries, a blood orange, regular oranges, fiji apple, and some chard for an extra nutrient boost. #30dayvegan #nutrition #juicing

Day 2 - Breakfast: Oven roasted gold potatoes. Not pictured: threw some fruit in a blender and mixed in some chia seeds. Have to remind myself not to overdo it on the potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a better whole food option, but i’ve never really cared for them (besides sweet potato fries). Another goal this month is to find ways to incorporate sweet potatoes into my diet. #30dayvegan #nutrition

Day Two.

Hey Veganistas! Today is day two of my 30 day vegan challenge. Things are going pretty well so far! We will see what I am saying on day 15 haha…

Anyway, today I have just been snacking because I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment (fun fun).

Vegan organic blue corn chips with edemame hummus (so good)

Dried mangos

Of course… coconut chai tea (although I am running out, so I may have to switch to peach ginger soon..)

Day One.

So it has begun. My 30 day vegan journey. I did not have too much time to cook a filling breakfast for myself, but I managed to get something into my system before all my classes today!

Toasted whole wheat bread with crunchy organic peanut butter and banana slices. Mmm. And, I had a really good coconut chai tea. I love my caffeine in the morning.

I should have brought my cashews to snack on in class…