30 Days of (New) Who - Day 8: Favorite episode from series 2

This is actually INCREDIBLY HARD.  Because I love series 2.  Surely, there’s some eps I love better than others but on the whole I love the whole damn series.  How do I do this?? Christmas Invasion was awesome because it brought us bb!Ten.  Then New Earth was fantastic because of apple grass and shippy moments and hilarious hijinks and that KISS.  But what about Tooth and Claw with MORE shippy moments and werewolves and Queen Victoria and Scotland?  I do love School Reunion because of Sarah Jane and K-9 and Tony Head and the Doctor almost saying he loves Rose… but my love has waned in the knowledge that anti-Doctor/Rose folks use it as an example of how Rose isn’t special to the Doctor.  UGH.  Of course, Girl in the Fireplace doesn’t even place and we all know why and let’s just move on okay?  Age of Steel/Rise of the Cybermen were really awesome, there was some definite shippy stuff and the Doctor in a tux and all that but… it introduced the parallel world which I kinda hate the parallel world (obvious reasons).  So no, not that one.  Idiot’s Lantern is DEFINITELY a favorite though.  Talk about shippy!  You’ve got costumes and the 50’s and Protective!Doctor and all that good stuff.  Shoot, that episode might be my favorite just for the TARDIS blue scooter alone.  Hmm… The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit… yes… those episodes are legendary.  Shippy but action packed and it introduces the Ood which are all kinds of awesome and the themes and character arcs and ahhh!  I love TIP/TSP.  After that, you have Love and Monsters which… eh.  Not enough Doctor and Rose to suit me, to be perfectly honest.  I don’t hate it as much as some people do but it’s not on the short list that’s for sure.  Fear Her is a great episode.  Also very shippy and timely right now but it’s never quite been one of my favorites.  But I do love it.  If just for edible ball bearings.  And that brings us to Army of Ghosts/Doomsday.  Which… I love Doomsday especially.  It’s one of my most favorite Doctor Who episodes EVER.  But… I don’t know.  I mean, for one, it’s angst city.  And can my favorite be something so angstful?  Well, yes it can.  But on the other hand, the best thing about the episode is the last 15 minutes and the rest just isn’t QUITE as good.  

So I think that means the answer HAS to be The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.  It has to be.  These episodes have it all.  They’re scary and exciting and thought provoking and yes, even romantic.  The true sign of what a great episode is how they tried (in vain) to duplicate it’s effect in season 3 with “42”.  Didn’t work a bit, of course.  There is no duplicating these episodes, they stand as prime examples of what a Doctor Who episode should be.  

Plus, it’s got that added edge of being Billie’s last episode that she filmed and she was truly at the top of her game here.  Rose was never better than she was in TIP/TSP.  We also got two excellent and very shippy catchphrases from these episodes: “I believe in her” and “The stuff of legend.”  Oh yes.  

It really doesn’t get any better.  Part of the reason deciding what my favorite episode of series 2 was that whichever I picked would likely be my favorite Doctor Who episode period.  And in this case, I think that’s entirely true.  My favorite episode(s) of my favorite series.  Just brilliant. 


30 Days of Doctor WhoDAY 12. Favorite episode from season three.

BLINK → “The angels are coming for you, but listen, your life could depend on this: don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink. Good luck.”

30 Days of (New) Who - Day 9: Favorite Friendship

This is EASY (yay! a day that is easy!).  I mean… HANDS DOWN is there any brotp that is superior to that of the Doctor and Donna Noble?  NO THERE ISN’T.  I don’t even have to go on for paragraphs at a time, ranting about this because I think we can all agree that these two had a spotless friendship. 

The ONLY problem I have is when people ship these two. I know, I’m a pretty tolerant sort and even when I don’t agree with a ship, I’m pretty good just turning my head.  Live and let live and all that.  But since it’s appropriate can I just say… “HOW?”  Where are you guys getting this?  NO REALLY.  My brain just doesn’t work that way, I suppose. In my mind, it’s like shipping siblings together which is so not something that I can even understand.  Everytime I see a fanfic or a fic rec for a Ten/Donna story I actually make the “Eughhh!!” noise out loud.  Like… really.  It’s an instinctual reaction. 

But that said, I love these two as friends.  BEST friends.  She held the pieces of the Doctor together, both right after he lost Rose and then in series 4.  She kept him on track, she kept him focused, she made him laugh, she gave him support and she even helped bring him and Rose back together.  He gave her life the purpose it’d been missing and showed her the universe and just how important to it that she was. 

The fate of their relationship remains one of the cruelest things in all of Doctor Who. I love RTD and I miss the RTD era so much but that is one thing I just do not agree on.  HORRIBLE.