30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 16: Who do you pair Clark with romantically?

‘You’re my best friend, you’re my home and you’re my true love and I am yours and will be forever.’

Take a wild guess. Lois Lane will always be the perfect person for Clark Kent. From bickering house mates, to secret friends, to best friends then finally to lovers. Smallville’s version of Clois could not have been more perfect and what made it so was Tom Welling & Erica Durance’s undeniable chemistry. These actors made me fall in love with Clois by portraying each and every stage in their relationship to an absolute tee. Lois has always, and will always be there for Clark. She trusts him like no one ever has before, she supports him, she respects him and most importantly she loves him, with all her heart. Lois is Clark’s strength, without her, he would not have been able to become the superhero we all know and love. Clark rely’s on Lois more than anyone because he knows that she will always have his back, she’s the one he has always needed. Clark and Lois understand each other so well, even when they don’t want to admit it: Clark - 'There are times when I think you don’t know me at all, and other’s where I think you know me better than anyone.’ Lois - ’I hate that you know me like that!’ Lana may have been Clark’s first 'high school’ love but Lois Lane is the woman of his dreams, the love of his life and most importantly - his true love. Lois and Clark are fun, sexy, aodrable, cute, sassy and awesome all at the same time. Even when they’re not kissing or having hot sex on the couch, their eye-sexing and burning down rooms with their hottness. CLOIS ARE PERFECTION. All your arguments are invalid so just go home.

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 14: Favourite Quote

All my life I’ve been afraid, Lois. Afraid of people knowing the truth about me. Afraid of them rejecting me, and even if they didn’t, still losing them. I’ve been afraid of everything I can’t control. But when I was faced with the idea of losing you forever, it made me realize there’s something I’d regret more than anything else, and that’s not telling you the truth about me. ‘Cause that’s the only way we could share a life together. I know the odds are stacked against us and we’d be risking everything, but if you’re ready to take that leap, there’s no one else that I’d want to take that leap with. Lois, you’ve had a lot of questions about The Blur, it’s me. I’m The Blur.’

I have so many favourite quotes from Smallville but I think my all time favourite would have to be Clark’s speech to Lois as he tells her he’s The Blur. It was just so perfect and Tom delivered it so well. Also, is it bad that I know it off by heart and say it along with Clark? Nope? Didn’t think so ;)

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 2: Favourite Female Character

‘I don’t even know how to get huffy, ok? I do happy, I do sad, and I do stop giving me the run around bitch or I will come for you.’

If I were to list all the reasons why Lois Lane is my favourite character, I would be here all day so I’ll just give you the cliffnotes ;) Lois Lane is pure awesome, she’s strong, brave, sassy, independent, sarcastic and gorgeous. Lois doesn’t need a man to protect her, she can fight her own battles. As my queen, Erica Durance would say, she’s flawed. She makes mistakes but she’ll always admit when she’s wrong and pick herself up. She would risk anything to protect her loved ones and would do anything to uncover the truth and get her story. It was Smallville that got me into Superman and Erica Durance that made me fall in love with Lois Lane. She’s a fantastic role model and simply awesome. Lois Lane is the best and all your arguments are invalid.

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 7: Favourite Episode (excluding premieres and finales)

Homecoming is simply perfection. It is the best episode of any show, EVER. I mean, look at that future sequence! Tom & Erica pulled it out of the bag when it came to playing future Lois Lane & Clark Kent which makes me really want a Smallville movie - just imagine how awesome it would be?! Not to mention, Tom Welling looked so HOT in those glasses ;) And in the last scene between Lois & Clark, Tom & Erica’s chemistry just shines through and makes it so believable. Clark Kent finally tells Lois Lane that he loves her and her reciprocated feelings give him the strength he needs to fly. I love Oliver in this episode too and his speech at the end is brilliant, ‘You’re damn right I’m a hero.’ Also the scene where Clark visits his fathers grave really got me, especially when he said, ’You said to hold on to Smallville, I will, I won’t ever forget.’ I was just sitting there crying like 'I won’t Clark!' I could go on forever about how much I love this episode but I won’t, so in a word - PERFECTION.

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 25: You have been chosen to write an episode of Smallville (for any season). Give us an overview of what would happen.

CLOIS SEX. Lots of Clois sex. Well, I think the second half of season 10 was seriously lacking in Clois sexy times so my episode would be after Dominion and before Prophecy. It would start with Lois & Clark waking up in their new appartment. Lois would be lying in bed, admiring her engagement ring and then Clark would make her aware that he was awake by kissing her neck like in ‘Upgrade’ then he would roll her over on top of him and they would just be making out all sexy. Then there would be a major story that Lois & Clark would have to go undercover to investigate and of course they would get the bad guy and break the story landing them a front page story above the fold. Then they would celebrate by having hot sex in Lois’ office and going home to have hot sex on the couch. So basically my episode would be Lois & Clark kicking ass, being awesome and having hot sex :D No, I’m not shallow at all. I totally watch for the plot :P

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 6: Favourite Meteor Freak

I didn’t like Alicia in season 3 but when she came back in season 4 she really grew on me, plus I loved her relationship with Clark. I don’t understand why they had to kill her off, Clark was happier with Alicia than he ever was with Lana. She’s the only other girl I ship Clark with. 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 11: Favourite Villian

‘I am the villian of the story’

Lex Luthor is Clark Kent/Superman’s ultimate nemesis and Smallville’s version of him was amazing. Michael Rosenbaum did such a spectacular job with Lex Luthor, having him start off good but then allowing us to realise that Lex has a darkness in him that will never go away. 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 1: Favourite Male Character.

‘They may not be perfect, but I believe even in the darkest soul, there’s always hope. People want to believe in something greater, and it may be easier to hate, but it’s stronger to love.’

Smallville is all about Clark Kent and his journey to become Superman so who else would I chose as my favourite male character? Clark Kent is a fantastic character and Tom Welling’s portrayal of him made me fall very much in love with him. Clark is loyal, brave, honest, kind and so darn sexy. Clark always looks for the best in people and believes that everyone, no matter what they’ve done, is worth saving. 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 17: Saddest Moment

For heavens sake I cried looking through those caps just now! This scene broke my heart. When Jonathan says ‘Bye’ on the tape - sweet lord! I can’t handle it :’( And Clark’s face - I just want to give him a big hug. Jonathan’s death was without a doubt the saddest moment on Smallville. 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 21: A character you miss

Aaron Ashmore was Jimmy Olsen for me. I still can’t believe they killed him off, although I love that they brought Aaron back to play future Jimmy in the finale. I really missed Jimmy in season 9 and hated how his death was sort of dismissed, not completely but like Lois wasn’t even told! And then Chloe tells Oliver that she’s never loved anyone like she loves him - poor Jimmy would be turning in his grave. Jimmy was also like the original Clois pimp and it sucks that he never got to see them together. It would’ve been great to see our Daily Planet trio together in season 9 and would’ve been awesome for him to meet Perry White in ‘Hostage’  I loved how he got to know Clark’s secret before he died though, 'Always CK' 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 20: Besides Clark, who is your favourite hero/heroine from the Justice League/Justice Society?

Carter Hall/Hawkman hands down. I loved him in Absolute Justice and then when he returned in season 10, first for ‘Shield’ then 'Icarus’ - he got even more awesome. His death was so emotional and so well done. I loved how he saved Lois and revealed her from under his wing and the scene with Clark after it was brilliant. Also, Michael Shanks is fantastic. 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 10: Favourite Finale

All of Smallville’s season finale’s have been really good, well aside from Doomsday. I really loved Salvation but in the end it had to be the series finale. I have never seen so much perfection rolled into two episodes in my life. For starters, Michael Rosenbaum came back as Lex Luthor, Ma & Pa Kent returned and Aaron Ashmore made a cameo as Jimmy Olsen! Then, to make it even better Lois & Clark had a wedding. It was the most beautiful scene ever on the show and I cried the entire time. Everything was so perfect - the vows, her dress, Clark grabbing her hand and walking her up the isle! Also, the scenes where they read each others vows were so amazing and so emotional. But what really made this awesome was the fact that our Clark Kent, Tom Welling, finally became SUPERMAN - I don’t even care that he didn’t really wear the suit, that last moment on the DP roof with the Superman theme was everything I was hoping for. I will ‘always hold onto Smallville.’

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 12: What drew you to Smallville in the first place? What kept you watching?

THAT FACE. Putting a picture of Tom Welling shirtless on the season 1 DVD cover was a brilliant way to lure people in ;) Well that was part of the reason, my cousin lent me the boxsets of seasons 1-3 and I fell in love. Then when I got to season 4 and Lois arrived I loved it even more! So I kept watching to see if the Lois/Clark relationship would go the distance, and it did. Smallville was what got me into Superman, I had seen the Superman films growing up but Smallville made me fall in love with the Superman story and now I’m a MASSIVE Superman nerd. I love Smallville, the entire show, so much. Even though it’s not perfect and it has had it’s bad moments, 

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 5: Favourite Season & Why?

This was a tough one but in the end it had to be season 9, Clark finally sheds the ugly red jacket and becomes The Blur. Of course, one of the main reasons season 9 is my favourite is Clois. They were simply written to perfection this season and Tom and Erica did such an amazing job. With episodes like Idol, Pandora, Persuasion, Charade and Salvation in this season, why wouldn’t it be my favourite? Also, we saw the return of Martha Kent along with Perry White which was awesome! As well as that we had the introduction of the Justice Society of America with the fantastic Michael Shanks as Hawkman. There was also a really good villain in season 9, which made up for Doomsday in season 8. The only thing I didn’t like about season 9 was the Chloe/Oliver relationship, I mean honestly, it was the most random thing ever and their ‘ILY’s’ in Salvation were pathetic. Another thing which made this season great was Erica’s episode increase ;) With her being in 18 episodes we really got to see Lois grow and develop into our beloved reporter. I fell even more in love with Clark Kent this season as well as he became a stronger character and more of a man! LOL, he’s so assertive and sexy when he’s with Lois, a side we rarely got to see when he was with She Who Must Not Be Named. I also really loved Tess’ struggle this season as she tried to decide where her heart truly lay and Cassidy Freeman was brilliant. To sum it up, Lois got more awesome, Clark got more awesome, CLOIS ARE PERFECTION and season 9 rules all.

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 3: Least Favourite Character

I know, right? What a surprise. Arrrggghhh where do I begin? I liked Lana in season 1 and half way through season 2 but then she really got on my nerves. The only time after that, in which I found her tolerable was season 4 when she was with Jason. I don’t just hate Lana because I love Lois and ship Clois, she’s an awful character. First, she’s that typically pretty, seemingly perfect girl that everyone seems to be obsessed with then she becomes the most manipulative bitch! I hate the way she treated Clark and how she always made him feel that he needed to change to be good enough for her. Then she goes and marry’s Clark’s former best friend - I mean, who does that? I don’t understand why Clark got back with her after that when at one point, she clearly loved Lex. And why does she always feel the need to know EVERYTHING about everybody?! I mean seriously Lana, you’re not that special! Anyway, that’s my rant over and just FYI (because I know some fans would get all up in my grill) these feelings are towards Lana Lang - the character and not Kristen Kreuk, I happen to rather like her.


30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 15: Favourite Trailer

‘There are moments that define a legend, and there are moments that are legendary’

It was between the finale trailer or the crossfire trailer but I had to pick Crossfire. I remember the first time I saw this, I had goosebumps everywhere! I downloaded it for my iPod and I used to watch it all the time :L This was the most epic moment ever and the way he just grabs her and kisses her to shut her up - VERY CLOIS.

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 13: Favourite Superman Reference/Homage

I think my favourite homage to Superman would have to be Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder guest starring as Dr Virgil Swann and Bridget Crosby. I love how when Martha asks Bridget Crosby about being romantic with Dr Swann she replies, ‘in another lifetime.’ I thought that was a great tribute to the former Superman and Lois Lane. Basically i just fangirled the whole time Christopher Reeve was on the screen. I also really liked when the Legion came in season 8 and Garth almost let it slip about Clark’s destiny, 'Someday you will be known as Su…’

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 18: Something you wish had/hadn’t happened

Something I wish hadn’t happened? Clana after season 3, 5 at the latest. Season 7, IMO was a complete joke never mind bringing her back in season 8. The two things I hate Smallville for is giving the Clana relationship way more time than it needed or deserved and giving Lana superpowers - I mean, WTF? Worst storyline ever. And to bring Lana back at THAT moment? C'mon! That was just plain mean. Clark and Lana’s relationship was cute in season ½ but we all knew that it could never work, Lana was always nagging Clark about honesty and Clark couldn’t see beyond his perfect image of her to see her for what she really was - a manipulative bitch! Something always came between their relationship, they always tried to make it work and get back together but something always pulled them apart - IMO, it was doomed to fail from the beginning and they should have realised it sooner. 

Now, something I wish had’ve happened is a Clois kiss in season 4. I really don’t know why but I would’ve loved some scenario where they were investigating something and because they didn’t want to get caught, Clark landed one on her. Like in ‘Recruit’ when those college girls take Clark up to their room and he finds Lois in the closet? I think it would’ve been so awesome and something that both of them would’ve enjoyed way more than they would let on.

30 Day Ultimate Smallville Challenge, Day 9: Favourite Premiere

What could be better than Crusade? It introduced us to our fabulous Lois Lane, Clark was naked - ALOT, Clark flew and Margot Kidder made a guest appearance! Every season opener should be as good as Crusade, one of my all time favourite episodes.