Sam and Dean are one, in my opinion. You can’t have one without the other, they need each other, like a fish needs water. They are thrown off balance when they are apart, so in my eyes, they are one person. Each different in their own ways, but the same in some as well. They mesh so well together. They are my favorite character.


Day 1: Sam or Dean?

Well, I can’t really decide. I mean, I really, really love Dean, but he fucked up so many times. Then again, so did Sam. I think Jensen Ackles is hotter. So many questions… Also, what kind of question is this even? Sam or Dean… for what? I mean, if I could choose, I would like to have Sam for my brother and Dean for my boyfriend. Hm. I’ll stick with Sam. (this choice may or may not reflect my feelings for the last episode. dean is too much of a douchebag lately.)