Day 03. Favourite male character?

Topher Brink.

This one even surprised myself, as I hated him through a great deal of Season 1 of Dollhouse. But, in the show’s – and I’m not exaggerating here – PERFECT second season, Topher became something really remarkable. His moral compass (or lack thereof) really became the heart of the series, as we followed his descent into psychological hell.

Plus, he was pretty frakkin’ hilarious, once I “got” his sense of humor.

Never have I pulled a total 180 on a character like that. #jossisboss

Day 20. Your least favourite character?

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Conner… what’s Conner’s last name? Does he have one?

I get the purpose of the character and I don’t dislike the stories he was involved in, but I just HATE him as an addition to the cast. And it’s most likely the reason I can’t stand him as Peter on Mad Men either. He’ll always be Angel’s ungrateful son.

Day 17. Your favourite ship?

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Angel & Cordy.

As a kid, I was all about Buffy and Angel, but these two had heart. And were each other’s best friends. And were actually there for each other through trying times. I’m sorry, guys, but that trumps high school romance any day.

Day 16. A scene/moment that made you cry?

Every scene in “The Body”

Seriously, still haven’t seen death handled more beautifully by any television series since. Anyone who doubts Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ability as an actress, watch the first ten minutes of “The Body” and then get back to me.

Day 02. Favourite female character?

Cordelia Chase.

Definitely the most impressively developed female character in Whedonverse. She went from the hilariously superficial popular bitch in Buffy to a three–scratch that, four-dimensional character on Angel (and a crucial one at that). Sure, what was done to her character in the end is debatable (I, for one, loved EvilCordy all the same), but I’ve got to hand it to Joss for turning the comedic relief into a full-blown champion.

(And technically it’s still Day 2, on California time here)


In celebration of “JOSS IS BOSS” May madness (taking over the box office, just like I told you guise), I’m actually going to be doing one of these things, for the first time ever. And you can thank http://partyinmyeyesocket.tumblr.com/ for the idea!

Day 01. Favourite Whedon show?
Day 02. Favourite female character?

Day 03. Favourite male character?
Day 04. Favourite non-human character?

Day 05. Favourite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Day 06. Favourite episode of Angel?
Day 07. Favourite episode of Firefly?
Day 08. Favourite episode of Dollhouse?
Day 09. Favourite scene/moment of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

Day 10. Favourite Slayer?
Day 11. Favourite Vampire?
Day 12. Favourite Doll?
Day 13. Favourite Big Bad?

Day 14. A scene/moment that made you angry?
Day 15. A scene/moment that gave you a happy?
Day 16. A scene/moment that made you cry?

Day 17. Your favourite ship?
Day 18. Your least favourite ship?
Day 19. Your favourite quote?
Day 20. Your least favourite character?
Day 21. Your favourite Whedon non-television project?
Day 22. Your favourite battle scene?

Day 23. The saddest character death?
Day 24. Favourite guest star?
Day 25. Favourite bad-guy-turned-good OR good-guy-turned-bad?

Day 26. Something that happened that you wish hadn’t?
Day 27. Something that didn’t happen, but should have?

Day 28. Favourite family members?
Day 29. Favourite friendship?
Day 30. Favourite season/series finale?