Since I didn't have my smoothie yesterday, I'm going to have one for breakfast and one for dinner!

Pictures will follow :)

Don’t forget, if you have a smoothie post a picture and tag it 30daysofsmoothies so I can check it out/reblog it!

30 days of smoothies update!

Day 7 I forgot to take a picture because I am a bone head, but I had a maple banana strawberry smoothie (1 banana, 1 cup strawberries, 2 tsp organic maple syrup, ½ cup chilled maple spice tea, ½ cup almond milk and 5 ice cubes)

Day 8 I had the mango tango sherbet again because it was soooo good! Check out the recipe here.

To see all the smoothies I’ve had so far, click here.

I have 16/30 smoothies on my list for the 30 Days of Smoothies!

Went shopping today to get ingredients for the first 3, it starts tomorrow!!

If you post a picture of your smoothie, tag it 30daysofsmoothies and I’ll reblog it/possibly use it for the last 14 spots I need to fill! I’d really appreciate it :)

Stay tuned guys!