30-Day Super Junior Challenge
Day 2: Your favorite OTP | KYUMIN

Decemer 25, 2010 | SS3 Guangzhou

Kyuhyun slipped twice while singing In My Dream with Ryeowook, Yesung, Donghae, and Sungmin. After the first few lines of the song, he frustratingly took off his shoes and braved the strong winds, the rain, and the cold. Sungmin sang his lines and proceeded to walk down the ramp, but patiently turned back to fix and put aside Kyuhyun’s shoes. At the end of the song, Sungmin gladly held out his hand and waited for Kyuhyun to pick-up his shoes before the lights went out.

30 Day Super Junior Challenge

Day 1: Your Ultimate Bias. 

I have to choose one? D: Haha. Kidding. If you know me well enough by now, you know who my ultimate bias in Super Junior is. Its pretty freaking obvious. Of course its none other than the one and only Fishy, Lee Donghae. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like him. He’s kind, closed mouthed (mostly), and mature. But underneath the cool facade, there’s a dork that comes out and I love him all the more for it. But the one thing that made him so utterly vulnerable to him was his relationship with his father and how he spoke of him. It struck a cord that no other Kpop bias ever could and that’s why he holds a special place in my heart and bias list. So here’s to you my Fishy bias! With your astounding good looks, great dancing, and beautiful heart of gold. You will forever be my ultimate Super Junior bias, even when you’re old and decrepit and reminiscing with Hyukjae in the nursing home. :D 

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