Hello :) I got delay with the days as usual xD but anyhow here’s the day 4, “Your favorite prince” this was a little difficult cause’ my options were baby Simba, Eric… but then I realize that I like Eric desing but not as character and Simba I like him but he was not my favorite so my choice ended being the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. The Beast is an hermit, has a gorgeous castle, he’s fluffy, has the best servants you can ever wish and a deep deep gold heart, what else can you wish?! xD his character is similar to my own… ._. I had bad temper my bunnies I’m not always rainbows and sunshine but of course I’m not so dramatic as the beast breaking things, growling at people ha,ha. Even now I prefer his beast version than the human prince version… even though his human version looks like Lestat from the vampires chronicles :P

Español: Dia 4 “Tu Principe favorito”. eleji a la bestia, tiene un castillo genial, los mejores sirvientes que puedes pedir, es un jodido hermitaño y es taaaaaaan ¡¡¡peludito!!! xD jajajaja no se si es mi debilidad por los animales peludos hablando, pero bestia es mi principe favorito, mas en su forma de Bestia que en su forma humana(aunque este se parece muchisimo a Lestat de las Cronicas vampiricas) siento que pierde el encanto u_u ademas siempre he adorado sus berrinches tan dramaticos jajaja :’D se parece a mi… algo… un poco… si me enfado facilmente pero no soy tan drama queen como la bestia descuiden ^^u