psych 30 day challenge - day 24
character(s) you’d like to see again: of course, a six-way tie between…

  • emily bloom (melanie lynskey)
  • abigail lytar (rachael leigh cook)
  • maddie spencer (cybill shepherd)
  • scott seaver (josh braaten)
  • dennis gogolack (freddie prinze jr.)
  • peters & boone (william devane & carl weathers)
  • (and of course everyone on this list, even mary)

Day One: Your First Episode

“What are you doing?”

“I’m thinking.”

“You look ridiculous.”

It was by Binnie’s insistance that I watch Psych- and that I watch it the right way. Which meant, of course, starting at the beginning. It was the kickoff of a glorious adventure.