DAY 3: Favorite prince

Yesterday when I did the whole “favourite princess” it was so simple.. but I can’t choose a favourite. So many Princes’ are my favourites! 

Mr. Can be Tamed aka Prince Adam aka Beast! (obviously going with my first two answers that had to do with Beauty and the Beast)


Mr. Innocent around a beautiful girl aka Prince Eric


Mr. Bad Boy aka Flynn Ryder (who's technically not a prince until the End of the movie)

And last, but certainly not least, 

Mr. Body aka Captain Li Shang(again, he isn’t a prince but you know…. look at that body). 

DAY 4: Favorite song

It’s going to be between two songs for this.. 

Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast

I say this song because when I took singing lessons, this is the song I had to sing over and over again. And it’s still not old to me. 


A Girl Worth Fighting For from Mulan

I say this song because… Well I just like it lol 

Days 11-15

DAY 11: Favorite animal sidekick

Pascal from Tangled! 

Look how cute he is!

DAY 12: Favorite non-animal sidekick

Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast! 

He’s got the smooth moves <3

DAY 13: Favorite outfit

Aurora’s Dress from Sleeping Beauty

DAY 14: Favorite villain

Ursula from The Little Mermaid! 

DAY 15: Favorite romantic moment

The releasing of the lanterns scene from Tangled!