30 Day Katy Perry Challenge: Day 2

DAY 2. Favorite Song - Hummingbird Heartbeat

Even when my fave song choices change, my love for this song still stays the same (i had to). It’s the most gorgeous song and it’s so sweet. The guitar strums in the beginning kill me, this song is absolute perfection. I love this song with everything; the backing vocals, the music, and even those secret dirty double meanings with the lyrics (always making everything dirty, Katy).

30 Day Katy Perry Challenge: Day 1

DAY 1. Favorite Single - Thinking of You

I love this song, I consider it the KatyCat anthem (other than Firework). This is a beautiful song and it deserves a lot more credit than it gets. Also, the music video is amazing. I really love the fact that Katy wrote this by herself, without any co-writers. It has a lot of meaning and you can tell this is one of her favorites too.