30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 13: Your favorite explorable mode dungeon?

I’m probably stretching it by picking Ascent to Madness as my favorite explorable mode dungeon but how could I not pick it? Do you guys remember when Mad King Thorn burst out of the lion statue and then the game died (#whenitsready2012) but then you could run up and that dungeon window popped up? And we were all like “omfg klsdjfkljsdfklsdfkjdsf”?

And then you zoned in and the sky was orange and black and swirly and standing tall ahead was Mad King Thorn himself, wielding a fellblade as a sword. I’m sorry, if you don’t think that as badass as it gets, you need to check your fellblade privilege.

tbh I would have zero complaints if ArenaNet put out a Halloween Town area where Halloween is celebrated 24/7 and I could do Ascent to Madness or go run around the Labyrinth and mine for candy corn and then puke all over the place. Like I’m not even kidding I probably wouldn’t leave there ever because Halloween and MKT and Ascent to Madness is just perfect imo

30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 21: Your favorite profession?

Mesmer is by far my most favorite profession in Guild Wars 1 and 2 and probably one of the top classes out of all video games for me

My first main in GW1 was a Mesmer and I was basically throwing up with anxiety that they would not make Mesmers in GW2. And then FINALLY that beautiful moment came when they announced Mesmers as a class…I was coming home from work and was in the Wendy’s drive-thru getting some root beer to put alcohol in it (lol oop) when my phone started buzzing with “citri omg they announced da mesmer” texts and I basically died in my car and came home to watch the video 34234 times and wrote:



And then I spent the entire night shaking with hype and crying into my alcoholic root beer because MESMER FEELS

To write why the mesmer is the best profession would take forever so I’ll just sum it up shortly and say best riverdancing, best color scheme, best use of butterflies, best interrupts, best fashion, best troll, best theatrics, best mindfucks, best everything

Mesmers will always be better than all your faves and haters need to acquire some taste tbh


30 Day Guild Wars 2 Challenge, Day 4: Your favorite zone?

Fields of Ruin is by far my most loved zone. It’s absolutely saturated with lore and Guild Wars 1 feels which are 2 things to win me over with anything ever. I had been beyond hyped for Ebonhawke/Fields of Ruin pre-release and I will never forget that moment when I could step through the Asura gate into Fields of Ruin and I basically kdjasfklsdf everywhere and maybe cried and maybe I am still crying just thinking about it

Let’s cry over the swaggy and imposing Hawk Gates

Let’s cry over Gwen’s grave and the flute music that plays when you step near it that gave me body chills

Let’s cry over the angry chickens that will kill you dead

Let’s cry lulzy tears over the hilarious anti-Charr posters

Let’s cry over the indescribable feeling of seeing The Dragonbrand for the first time

Let’s cry over Killeen’s grave and the fact that Gullik will show up and pay his respects

Fields of Ruin? More like Feels of Ruin amirite

30 Day Guild Wars Challenge, Day 9: A screenshot you like.

Since I post 987234789234 of my favorite screenshots already, I’m going to concentrate more on one that has more meaning behind it

I don’t even think it’s possible to express what I was feeling when I took this screenshot. BWE2 was my first shot at the game and my hype was completely out of control. Seeing my game successfully load up on my dinosaur computer, hearing the music stream out of my speakers, seeing the pimp looking dragon shaped like a 2…my heart was racing and I felt my hands shake with giddy excitement, to the point where I was like “Citri girel get yourself together this is beyond unacceptable tbh” But my nerd feels could not be tamed. Sitting watching that trolly “Connecting…” message was absolute torture and this was just the most hype I have ever felt for a video game EVER (which honestly says a lot)

I also like this shot because I really do miss the old login screen. I like how minimal it is, the whooshy sound effect it made, etc. I understand why ArenaNet changed to the current splash of news but I really wish they had kept the old way. It sets a better stage for the epic gaming you are about to dive into for hours at a time

30 Day Guild Wars 2 Challenge, Day 03 - A Class you are awful at playing?

I don’t give a ding diddly about thieves. I think they are poop and boring and 2edgy and yawn.com

It’s important to me to play all classes and races in Guild Wars 2. And so I made my thief but obviously “Xx Da Wispas Xx” really shows how much I care about the thief class (I don’t lol). I mean look at him up there carrying a shovel…like I have no idea how to play him so all I end up doing is trolling people while on that character and dying his armor neon colors

I’ve been reading all ya'lls GW2 challenge posts and I think thief is the most common answer for this question. oop sry thieves u tried

*opinions here are solely the personal ones of Miss Citri and are not meant to offend or incite anon hate from pressed ass thieves


30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 28: Your Favorite Boss

Taquito is probably my favorite boss and I’m very much aware he has a real name that I am choosing to never to acknowledge. When I’m like “Hey, Taquito is up” and people correct me like I’m an idiot, I ignore them too lol. Because his name is Taquito and will always be Taquito and I don’t care what my momma says, I’m gonna call him Taquito

Also notice that he drops poopy green poison? That’s totally guacamole

Also notice that he is surrounded by Bloated Creepers???

It’s CANON to me

30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 15: Your Favorite Fractal Dungeon

The first time I did the Solid Ocean Fractal was with a PUG and I kept going “/sleep” every 5 seconds to get glorious caps and they thought I was a troll and threatened to kick me lol. And then when I went to get the screens for this entry, I realized they had been forever lost in my computer wipe. So instead I drew the Solid Ocean fractal and tbh it looks better than the game version imho

But yes I am a Luxon4Life so seeing the beautiful Jade Sea making an appearance in GW2 made me cry and die and twerk and reverse. I like the mechanic of the Solid Ocean fractal but let’s be real, the scenery here is tops and steals the show

(also hahaha ArenaNet put a Luxon fractal before a Kurzick one, suck it Turdsicks)

30 Day Guild Wars 2 Challenge, Day 2: The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)?

The biggest jerk I’ve dealt with in-game is by far the Asparagus Spear

This motherfucker loves to stalk me around and act like it’s a gift I should treasure. lol no

I don’t keep asparagus in my bank out of sheer spite. Worthless 15 copper flop veggie needs to be banned from the game imho


30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 11: Your Favorite Gear Set AND Day 29: Something you worked really hard to get

Basically I fell in love with Asura Tier 3 Cultural armor so much that I deleted my beautiful, bumbling Norn guardian who was level 56 and had nearly maxed out Weaponsmithing in favor for an Asuran one just so I could get this armor. lol

I’ve had a lot of people tell me it looks over the top, tacky, gaudy but I don’t care what people say, I’m gunna rock these floating orb pauldrons

It’s also the thing I worked the hardest to get. I play the game a lot but since I’m too flighty to concentrate on daily dungeons, my income is very slow but steady. It took me a long time to save up for this gear set but it was all worth it when I equipped it and spread my Neon glow swagga all over the place <3

30 Day Guild Wars Challenge, Day 10: Your favorite weapon skin

I feel kinda douchebaggy for picking not only a Legendary, but a weapon I’ve never held in my own hands as my favorite weapon skin

But come on, how can I even resist The Moot? It’s like ArenaNet sat down and said “Let’s capture the essence of Citri in one weapon.” It’s glittery and bright and obnoxious and I NEED TO HAVE IT

Only after my hiatus from the game did I decide to start saving for The Moot. It’s going to take me months to get there. Trying to drag me into Banana Beard’s manor is like pulling teeth and I don’t even know what it’s like to have a stack of mats that not Copper Ore. But I will get there one day and equip this delicious disco ball and be the disco queen of my dreams <3

30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 20: How did you come up with your main’s name?

Hi I’m Citri so it was a no brainer to name my main Citri

But I legit pooped my pants when someone took the name ‘Citri’ in beta LIKE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW when I made this post everyone was like haha Citri you are trollin’ but I was 100000000% v. srs

Luckily I swiped the name at launch so I didn’t have to kill anyone for swaggajacking but I totes would have gone there


30 Days of Guild Wars 2, Day 8: PvE/PvP/RP?

I think these 2 screencaps illustrate my feelings on PvP and RP

I would rather eat a hand full of rusty nails than PvP. I’ve strayed away from PvP type of games the past couple of years- maybe I played too many before and have gotten them out of my system, but I just don’t find a lot of satisfaction or enjoyment in PvP anymore. I love larger group PvP like World versus World (or Alliance Battles in GW1). But other than that, I tune out immediately when people start talking PvP because I don’t care about it at all

As far as RP, serious roleplay is not my cup of tea. I enjoy trolly roleplaying on Da Wispas and I have fun with [Oops] RP nights now that sometimes forays into semi-legit RP…but I don’t think I could sit down and roleplay for hours. I make up little stories for my characters in my head all the time but there’s just a barrier in for me personally acting them out. I don’t really know why lol

So that leaves PvE where I am perfectly happy spending my time. I play GW2 for the storyline, the lore, the open world and all the people in it. I can spend ages talking to people in various chats, observing others play, seeing what they armors they pick, watching NPC’s make idiotic moves while defending something, experiencing events and personal stories…I will always find PvE centric stuff more fascinating that PvP/RP


30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 16: What do you listen to while playing?

I really like listening to the sounds and music of Guild Wars. It’s a phenomenal soundtrack and I don’t get tired of hearing it. I get fully immersed in the world with the music playing and the NPC’s chattering and the orrian chickens orrian-chickening

BUT there are times when I need to get motivated and listening to Kormir’s Whispers for the 234234th isn’t going to cut it. IRL when I need to get stuff done I turn to music I find energetic. It’s what I listened to when I just moved and honestly without it, I would have remained an unproductive flop lol

As such, there’s songs or albums that I associate with a place in Tyria now because I listened to them so often (links ahoy!) I listened to Prissy Prancin’ so much while farming Wizard’s Folly that I named a throwaway troll after the song. The Beatles are on constant play for me but I listened to them solely while in the Maguuma Jungle (with my boo Evennia~) for the first time. I listened to The Strokes while vanquishing Shing Jea Island that I can’t listen to The Way It Is now without thinking of running up the hills in Panjiang Peninsula. Fischerspooner’s Entertainment, We Are Electric in particular, was something I listened to during a weekend long Mount Qinkai vanquish binge. The album Lex Hives dropped the same time I was vanquishing Nightfall/The Desolation and it was a blessing because that area sucks the worst and hyper percussion made it tolerable. And finally we have Muse (not a shocker). Madness came out at a very fitting time in my personal life but also at the same time I got GWAMM, so it was what I was listening to during my very last vanquish that would get me the title. I was basically pooping out Citri feels everywhere during that time and lkjsdf I probably shouldn’t even start talking about it because I’ll still poop out feels now

Also hey see how all that music was GW1 related? It’s because now during GW2 I’m nearly constantly on a form of voice chat (Skype, Mumble, TinyChat, my phone, etc) that I haven’t really listened to my own music while playing the game yet. lol oop


30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 26: List your characters and their levels

Whelp here’s my constant 8 characters, names are in the captions

The rest of my slots are fluid and always changing between keyfarmers, new warriors I think I will dual main and then delete 3 levels later, troll characters, copycat characters, etc. I also like to keep one slot completely open because that is saved for my Tengu Mesmer in the future lol #whenitsready #plzbereadysoon


30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 17: Your favorite GW2 related YouTube video?

Prince Rurik Prince Rurik Prince Rurik (Short Version) is deserving of an Academy Award imo

30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 23: The longest you’ve gone without playing?

5-6 weeks

I was in the middle of a move and then my computer died, cutting me off from everything and everyone

It honestly probably was for the best as I needed very little distraction in order to concentrate on real life insanity and not having the temptation to sit on Mumble and Guild Wars eleventy hours a day made me be ultra-productive. However I hated missing out on game content, Oops haps and all my friends on here :( It was a tough time made tougher by lack of communication with people

~but I made it through~

r.i.p nvr 4get