They are honestly, the most perfect couple in the world. Not only are they absolutely adorable and cute and perfect, but they connect so well together. He makes her a better person, and she makes him a better person.

They were perfect for each other from the very start.

And when they did get together, it got better and better. 

I honestly love them so much it hurts a little. They’re perfect.


I absolutely love every character, but on the basis of humour and cuteness, I have to say Chandler Bing. I just love him so much.

I think that everything about him is so amazing. He makes uncomfortable jokes when he shouldn’t, but everyone can’t help but laugh. But when it really matters, he can be the most warmhearted person.

And technically, he is half of Mondler which is just perfection

And I could never leave out Joey and Chandler, the most amazing bromance in television history

Overall, I just find him the most hilarious character of them all. And everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine.


Day 01-Favorite Season

Season 5 is my favourite. I love the fact that Monica and Chandler are hiding their relationship, I love the episode where the triplets are born and the vegas episodes are brilliant! Ohh and I REALLY love the episode where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler.

Basically, I love all the episodes lol. 


Oh wow. This is so hard, that I actually want to cry from the pressure. Each female character is so unique and different from the others and I absolutely love them all but if I take away the idea of Mondler, I’d have to say Phoebe Buffay is my favourite female. She’s amazing.

Half the stuff she says, is so out of the world that you can’t help die a little.

She’s so funny and that little bit of crazy, but deep down she is beyond loving and an amazingly loyal friend. 

Okay, that GIF didn’t prove that, but I just love that quote. Honestly, she has some of the best sayings!

And her songs are perfection. So perfect I could just…write a commercial jingle 


This is honestly going to be so hard to do, so I have to divide it into Pre Mondler moments and Mondler moments.


This scene was so hysterical because her true colours really came out to shine. She was so competitive and outrageous that I just couldn’t help but to die laughing. I will never be able to scream “NOOOO” the same now


I love Monica and Chandler together so much, so to just pick one moment as my favourite is pretty much impossible. So I’m eliminating the proposal and wedding because they’re too cliche. 

I love this scene so much because it really establishes the moment their relationship became so much more. The way she freaked out, really showed how much she loved him and their relationship because she was so concerned about the flame going out. And then he brings her back to reality, being so adorable, and they share the adorable cheek kiss.

Overall, I love Monica so much.

30 day f.r.i.e.n.d.s. challenge

Day 01- Favorite Season

Day 02- Favorite Character
Day 03- Least Favorite Character

Day 04- Favorite Monica Moment

Day 05- Favorite Couple

Day 06- Favorite Rachel Moment

Day 07- Favorite Female

Day 08- Favorite Phoebe Moment

Day 09- Least Favorite Female

Day 10- Favorite Chandler Moment

Day 11- Favorite Male

Day 12- Favorite Picture of the cast

Day 13- Favorite Joey Moment

Day 14- Least Favorite Male

Day 15- Favorite Ross Moment

Day 16- Favorite Guest Star

Day 17- Least Favorite Guest Star

Day 18- Favorite Episode

Day 19- Favorite song of Phoebe’s

Day 20- Best wedding

Day 21- Least Favorite Couple

Day 22- Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 23- When did you start watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Day 24- Favorite Quote

Day 25- Most touching Episode, in your opinion

Day 26- How did you feel when F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ended?

Day 27- Did you watch the Joey spinoff show?

Day 28- Favorite actor/actress

Day 29- Least Favorite actor/actress

Day 30- Favorite Younger Days/Flashback scene


I absolutely love Rachel, but my favourite moment of hers had to be the “congratulations” during Season 10s Thanksgiving episode. Not only do I love the fact that her head is stuck in a door, but the way she says it is absolutely brilliant. But I really can’t just narrow it all down to one amazing Rachel moment. So here’s my top 5. 

2. I just love the quote so much. And once again, the way she says it is perfection.

3. This was so perfect in every way.

4. The way she says it, and her face just omg. I say this so much now, it’s actually pretty sad.

5. Yes technically this is both Ross and Rachel but omg it was just so funny.