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Do you accept prompts? I just found your blog, and I love your solangelo writing :) I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind writing something with them being cute and fluffy? Please - and it’s okay if you can’t/don’t want to.

When the Doctor is sick

“What the-” Will coughs and then groans. His throat is killing him and his head is pounding. It takes an alarming amount of energy to focus on the ridiculous sight in front of him.

Nico was carrying five thick blankets and there was a thermometer tucked behind his ear. Behind him, was his skeleton butler, holding a tray with a bowl and canned soup. The son of Hades looks flustered and his face seemed to be set in a permanent scowl.

“Nico…” Will says hoarsely, “How did I get here?” Here, being in the Hades’ cabin, on Nico’s bed. (If he wasn’t so sick, he’d be blushing.) It was blessedly cool and dark but the blond couldn’t help but wonder how he got here when he was pretty sure he conked out at the infirmary.

The entire Apollo cabin had all been knocked out by some weird virus specifically targeting Apollo’s children. Apparently it was a curse from one of their dad’s old nemesis and the infirmary was filled with Apollo’s children while the rest were resting back in the cabin. The entire camp was in a panic, because even though they all knew a little about first aid, severe injuries were another matter entirely when there was no child of Apollo around to help.

“I got you away with the help of my undead army,” Nico huffs as he drops the blankets on one of the chairs.

“You kidnapped me?”

Nico flushes deeply, “No one was taking proper care of you because there were too many of you sick. So I came to get you myself. I asked Annabeth and she said it was all right.”

Will smiles helplessly, reaching out to place a trembling hand over Nico’s, “Thanks.”

Nico squeezes Will’s hand before crossing his arms, “Well, someone’s gotta take care of you. Now, stop talking and go to sleep. I’ll wake you up when the soup’s ready.” He turns and clicks his fingers together. His skeleton butler walks further into the Hades’ cabin to help prepare the soup.

Will nods and closes his eyes. He feels a soft pressure on his head and he looks up just in time to see Nico pull back from the forehead kiss. The blond stares at the other in surprise.

Nico tries to tamp down his blush as he turns away. “Get better soon, idiot.”

Will could feel his heart racing as he smiles brightly, “Doctor’s orders?”

The son of Hades shoots him a small smile, “Yeah, now go to sleep.” He says softly as he piles a blanket on top of Will. He leaves to go help with the soup.

The son of Apollo snuggles in, feeling warm, content, and cared for.

“Crap, I forgot the spoon.” Nico whispers frantically and then there was a loud crash.

Will nuzzles against Nico’s pillow and laughs to himself.

Author’s notes: Here you go anon! I don’t mind giving you this! I hope it’s cute and fluffy enough for your taste! I hope you enjoy it!!

(I want to write more on this verse too o.o)

Hi guys!
I decided to open the pre-order for these four illustrations made by me inspired by Percy Jackson & the Olympians serie (this is the “first round”, then the next future, I will open pre-order for other Pjo’s illustrations)

✨ How the prints will be✨

The print will be A4, 300gsm high quality paper.
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If you have any other questions just comment or write me a Pm ;)

remember that post a while back when i asked if anyone wanted to read that really stupid pjo chat fic i made 

yeah well people did so i put it on ao3

there you go enjoy my dumb random typing