30 DAYS OF DOCTOR WHO » Day 2: Favorite Companion

Amy Pond.

“Amy Pond. The Girl Who Waited. All night in your garden. Was it worth it?”
“Shut up. Of course it was.”

I feel like Amy receives a lot of hate from the fandom, which makes me so sad. People complain that she’s too sexy, that she’s too selfish, that she doesn’t deserve all the love she has. I, however, find her to be the most intriguing companion. I also feel that she’s so realistic. We all know someone like Amelia Pond…in fact, you may be her yourself. I definitely know that I am. She’s by far the companion I identify with the most. She’s so full of wonder and life, and for a girl who was influenced so much by the Doctor, she’s so independent and strong and fiery. I will love Amy Pond until the day I die.

Favorite Villain

Lady Cassandra

From her first appearance to her last, I adored her character. She symbolized humans, similar to Rose, but took on the more greedy, darker side; i.e greed, selfishness. But what I love about her characterization is that she develops, she’s been running from death, she doesn’t want to die. That seems to be very human. 

She was a villain, but in New Earth, she was also a villain with an alternative motive: to find out what’s up with the cat nuns. She learns the beauty of life, she becomes sympathetic towards the New Humans. Her end made me tear up.

And she was funny, as well. Made for some great laughs.

30 DAYS OF DOCTOR WHO » Day 4: Favorite Character

Rory Williams

Rory has secured the spot of not only my favorite DW character, but one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. The way I feel about him is exactly how Amy described it in The Girl Who Waited…I said at first, “Sure, he’s okay…” But then, he showed so much growth, and he really came into his own, and he revealed himself to be the most loving, selfless character of all. I might love this character so much because I have a Rory of my very own–an amazing guy who is so selfless and kind, that I’m baffled every single day that he is with me. Truly, every person deserves their own Rory…someone to love them unconditionally and do anything it takes to make them happy. 


Least Favorite Companion?

Adam Mitchell 

Do I hate his character? No, I think he’s a brilliant concept and like everyone, has his faults. He had a lot of potential, and I actually quite liked him in Dalek. But out of all the companions I have seen (i.e. New Who), he is my least favorite just because of ranking.

I wish we would have had him a bit longer though, maybe another episode perhaps?