BEFORE (10/7/2013)


HEIGHT: 5'4"

GOAL: Lose 30 lbs. (not in the 30 day challenge, of course)

Seeing these photos: mortifying. motivating

Remember that “booty-do” joke? Yeah…. lol

Anyways, I’m being brave and posting these pics as my personal motivation and motivation for anyone else who is trying to lose weight.

Ignore the shorts please….

#30DayCC Day 2

30 minutes of cardio.

I chose to jog b/c I need to get ready for the Glow Run Next week. I did really well.  Most likely b/c I kept thinking of that horrid number from yesterday’s pre weigh in.

There also was a nutritional challenge today. and the as 5-6 small meals. I give myself 4/5 because I ate a snack wrap from cookout. It was that or no dinner until 10. And I was quite hungry and not driving. I still stayed wel within my calorie range though.