B.A.P 30 DAY CHALLENGE: DAY 15 - What is your favourite line/lyric and why?

zelo’s rap in ‘ONE SHOT’ are my favourite lyrics, because, well, what he says is completely true. i hate when people expect to be successful or get far in life when they aren’t doing anything productive and then (constantly) complain about how 'horrible’ their life is when they could be doing something to help improve it.

Day 1 : First song you heard by B.A.P

One Shot 

Actually I wasn’t a fan of Kpop before that song or this MV. One of my best friend was and she showed me the One Shot MV because she was dying over it and I just watched it to be a good friend.. and out of curiosity I really didn’t care a lot about B.A.P at that time. And seriously I just couldn’t stop myself for wanting to see the MV again. Yongguk first verse in the MV got me mesmerize….I just couldn’t stop looking at that part….his face..his voice..his attitude…I was sold..I was doomed… and now I’m just in love with all of them…and that song