30 Day HISTORY Challenge : Day 4 : Your HISTORY OTP


It’s Yijeong. Yijeong and everyone/thing. All the members have a soft spot for Yijeong for reasons unknown sorcery

LMAO WHOOPS forgot i was doin this after one day

day 2. how tall are you and do you like your height?

5'5" and i honestly hate being so short. my brother shot up to like 5'10" and he’s younger than me i just got the shit genetics lottery


30 Day Challenge

Day 16:  Charlotte or Camille

“People were intrinsically selfish, and many hated the idea of a woman in charge of the Institute. They would not put themselves at risk for her. Only a few weeks ago he would have said the same thing about himself. Now, knowing Charlotte, he realized to his surprise, the idea of risking himself for her seemed an honor, as it would be to most Englishmen to risk themselves for the queen.” - Gabriel Lightwood

30 Day Guild Wars 2 Challenge | Day 05 — Favorite story mode dungeon

Fnuuhh, sorry for the belated sketchiness. Was literally out all day >:\

In terms of mechanics, it’s not actually my favourite, but this cutscene makes Citadel of Flame the winner for me. (I actually get a little scared every single time I see Rytlock plummeting off that bridge :’)) A+ anet) 

Bonus: Mathiel is 500% positive these two should be smooching.


22/03/2016 - 1/30 day studyblr challenge by @hayley-studies

a photo of your supplies

here we go! 

a) my pencil case and my most frequently used pens + highlighters! 

b) some of the notebooks and sheets i use (the gudetama notebook was a birthday present from my precious pal @grill15taco !!)

c) the supplies that i use primarily in my bullet journal - my washi tape collection + coloured post it notes and flags


30 Day Star Wars Challenge
Day 2 / 30 - Favorite member of the Rebellion
Red Leader Wedge Antilles