30 Day Guild Wars 2 Challenge | Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore

YOU GUESSED IT. I don’t know if people actually like Destiny’s Edge…and I know when I first met them in-game, I was really confused why they were fighting…but now after I’ve played through the personal story so many times, I am unabashedly in love with everything about them. I love all of their backstory, I love all of their shitty baggage, and I love their current resolution.

They might seem like a quick and easy way to tie together the 5 races of Tyria, and a way to fight the Elder Dragons but I love playing each race and bonding with each one of them it is just nuts and deep sorrow. EIR “I SHOULD JUST RETIRE” STEGALKIN IS MY FAV…go home everyone.

(I know Edge of Destiny is kind of a hit or miss book for a lot of people but as someone who read it mostly for content rather than being well-written, I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Every section with Snaff in it messed. Me. UP)

30 Day Guild Wars 2 Challenge | Day 05 — Favorite story mode dungeon

Fnuuhh, sorry for the belated sketchiness. Was literally out all day >:\

In terms of mechanics, it’s not actually my favourite, but this cutscene makes Citadel of Flame the winner for me. (I actually get a little scared every single time I see Rytlock plummeting off that bridge :’)) A+ anet) 

Bonus: Mathiel is 500% positive these two should be smooching.