30 Day Astro Challenge

[[This challenge was originally posted by a blog called adviceforyouandyouandyou, but it seems that their account has been deactivated and so the original post is nowhere to be found. I wanted to encourage a bunch of you newer blogs to participate, since I got so much out of it when I completed it back in the day.]]

Reblog this and for the next 30 days, fill out each question in numerical order, starting with one.

Day One: Tell us the first thing you remember learning about Astrology.
Day Two: Tell us what your favorite and least favorite signs are - and why.
Day Three: Tell us the sun signs of your entire immediate family (so siblings and parents - and don’t forget yourself!)
Day Four: Tell us your favorite personality traits of your sun & moon signs.
Day Five: Tell us some struggles you have had to face because of your chart. Let’s say two struggles.
Day Six: How much study time have you really put into Astrology? And how comfortable would you be teaching a beginner’s class on the subject?
Day Seven: Do you believe in cusps? Why or why not?
Day Eight: Who are your top 3 favorite astroblogs?
Day Nine: What are your crush’s sun and moon signs? If you don’t have a crush, then tell us your ascentdant sign and three things you like about having said ascendant sign.
Day Ten: Tell us your Mercury sign and three facts about either how you communicate with others or how you learn.
Day Eleven: Tell us your Venus sign and three facts about how you express love or how you like others to express love toward you.
Day Twelve: Tell us your Mars sign and how you act when enraged. Do you black out? Do you punch things?
Day Thirteen: Tell us your Jupiter sign and three morals that you hold to a high standard.
Day Fourteen: Tell us your Saturn sign and three things that you think hold you back from your dreams.
Day Fifteen: Tell us your Uranus sign and two things that you feel very knowledgeable about.
Day Sixteen: Tell us your Neptune sign and if you’ve ever had a really spiritually awakening moment, tell us about it!
Day Seventeen: Tell us your Pluto and a moment when you had big change in your life, be it a big move or maybe your younger sibling being born.
Day Eighteen: Tell us your Chiron and one hardship you went through that you feel made you a better person.
Day Nineteen: How long have you known about Astrology? Who first told you about it? Did you immediately believe in it or did you have to be convinced or do you still not believe in it?
Day Twenty: What is the hardest lesson to learn that you think Astrology has to teach us?
Day Twenty-One: Tell us your favorite memory with each sign.
Day Twenty-Two: Can you think of one person for each sign? Tell us how they relate to you (are they a friend, your aunt, your cousin?)
Day Twenty-Three: Tell us the first word you think of when you think of each individual sign.
Day Twenty-Four: Tell us the first name you think of when you think of each individual sign.
Day Twenty-Five: Tell us one over-communicated stereotype about your sun sign.
Day Twenty-Six: Tell us the sign and a couple of traits of the person that most impacted your life.
Day Twenty-Seven: Describe your hero using Astrology. (3 things)
Day Twenty-Eight: What are the sun & moon signs of your best friends? Three friends tops.
Day Twenty-Nine: What sun/moon combo do you consider to be most platonically compatible with your sun/moon combo? Why are they the most compatible?
Day Thirty: Tell us three random facts about you using Astrology.

DAY 13: Favourite Ship









obvs every photo is from johannathemad her art kills me(c)

ArtsyRobô’s 6th 30 Day Art Challenge: Video Game Final Bosses
Day 28: 16th Colossus, Shadow of the Colossus
Daily Illustration #188

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ArtsyRobô’s 8th 30 Day Art Challenge: The Legend of Zelda Series Characters Redesigns
Day 6: Navi, Tael & Tatl
Daily Illustration #226

I tried to do something interesting with the fairies, by making them looking like little animals or something like that. I’ve always liked how the light spirits from Twilight Princess looked liked, and I thought the idea of having little flying animals as fairies would be a cool idea to work with.

Also I know, Navi look like a blue Mew, but I couldn’t resist because it’s just too cute and I got out of ideas. It looked cool in the end, I think.

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ArtsyRobô’s 8th 30 Day Art Challenge: The Legend of Zelda Series Characters Redesigns
Day 3: Vaati
Daily Illustration #223

I tried a more detailed approach to Vaati, thinking about him as someone who traveled and accumulated many things and experiences before he could turn into this dark magic sorcerer we see in the games. 

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ArtsyRobô’s 10 Day Art Challenge: Art Redraw!
Day 1: Snivy Skullkid
Daily illustration #91

This time I’m making a shorter challenge, because I’m getting closer to 100 days drawing an illustration everyday! So it will work as some sort of “countdown” to the 100th day of art challenges! I’ll be back with 30 Days art challenges after this one is finished :>

This drawing was my first more elaborated when I first got into digital art back in 2013. It was really fun redrawing it!

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