so one day i opened my laptop and tumblr was still up, and the screen was directly centered on this amazing my chemical romance audio post that was someone saying the lyrics to the kids from yesterday layered over the light behind your eyes and when the person stopped saying the lyrics the vocals from the light behind your eyes started and it was beautiful and i cried
so after listening five times in a row i clicked the like button and tried to reblog, but i clicked the reblog button and it wouldnt let me? so i said okay, tumblr does that sometimes if i havent refreshed in awhile while my laptop was closed, i liked it though so it should be in my recent likes and i can just go to those and reblog it correct?
i was wrong
i went to my recent likes and it. wasnt. there.
where did it go? i made sure i liked it
so i went back to dashboard and scrolled for what mustve been an hour and i couldnt find it
so i gave up my search and that was that
but today i heard another great audio post of my chemical romance edit and it made me remember the other one, so i typed in my chemical romance in the search bar and filtered by audio post
there was barely any audio posts, and the one i was looking for was not on there
so i tried “mcr” and again, nothing
so im begging you, if you know where this post is, please tag me in it so i can reblog it and it be saved forever