Japan pledges $30b infrastructure support for Africa in 3 years
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#news #fukushima [thenewsnigeria.com.ng]Resource-poor Japan has long been interested in tapping Africa’s vast natural resources, even more so since dependence on oil and natural gas imports jumped after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster shut almost all of Japan’s nuclear reactors.

Have some makeup-less couch selfies to celebrate my last day of dog sitting 😭

I’m wearing the Victoria Bralette from my etsy shop in Cerulean!! These are handmade and designed by me, and they’re super fun to layer!

$40. 30B-40C (with lots of big-bust sizes in between). Etsy.com/shop/opalsutra

(I’ll reblog this with the link to the listing when I’m at my computer later oops)

We proudly present a labour of love: Moroccan Nights. The first of the Nubian Skin limited edition Africa Collection. Inspired by and made in Africa.
PREORDER available now. 30B - 38G
Model: @moniasse_artist_muse Makeup: @chanelboateng
Photographer: @paukcreativ
Producer: @mrcwalker
Videographer: @mrdyeboah
Creative Director: @itsadehassan #NubianSkin

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powerhouseofthe-cell  asked:

Dude I totally feel your struggle regarding bra shopping. I'm a 32AA and literally no store has it. I have to special order everything online it is the hugest struggle.

I think my boobs grew bc let me tell u 32aa is even harder to find (my prv size) but like with normal boob sizes like u can go down or up (like I’m actually a 30b but a 30 band is nvr in stores) and still have the same size so it expands the bras u can buy and I feel ur pain

最喜歡日本菜精緻 的的式式既賣相☺️

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