These have been some of my favorite blogs throughout 2011. I think they all deserve a good closing of the year shout out. Here are my favorite blogs of 2011

30blogafeller, arachnocornucopia, bossypants, c-valois, dubbayumm, failbag, feyminism, getyourshittogethercarol, going-to-scranton, heytinafey, idontwanttobeahipster, iheartpanam, mango-cunt, notsassyjustwiig-ingout, nuggits2, ovariesbeoforebrovaries, paintedmemories, panamobsession, photographlyaddicted, skythoughts, supercop, targaryen, thisgirllovescomedy, thosebrighterlights

If you don’t follow them already, you should! They’re all great blogs! If I missed any that I’ve claimed to be awesome before I’m terribly sorry.