30 days of bonnie bennett - day 01
the episode you began to care about this character: 1x03 friday night bites

okay now i’m terrible with words but i’ll try my best to explain this one. I’ve loved bonnie since episode 1 but i didn’t ‘click’ i guess you can say with her until this episode. this scene in particular. through out this episode you see her kind of confused and dealing with whats going on with her and her traits of being loyal and a good friend are put more on display during the scene when she tells elena what she felt when she touched him. she cares and wants her to know somethings not right. okay anyway back to this scene. the fear in her eyes when she sees the blood, then the numbers. its not only fear but a mix of realization or definite certainty that something was happening to her and her face i just got the feeling of 'oh baby, no'because i hated seeing her that way. after that, i just started caring so much for her and it led to where i am today when it comes to her.

this probably makes 0 sense, oops.

30 days of bonnie bennett - day 02
favorite witchy/magical moment so far: emily posesses bonnie and destroys the amulet in 1x09 history repeating

ugh this one was so hard for me. i had so many choices and ultimately i chose this scene because 1) eventhough technically its emily, this is my favorite bonnie scene and my favorite s1 episode and 2) it was amazingly done in my opinion. the cinematography, the colors, the effects, everything. besides storm!bennett in season 2, this is my all time favorite scene containing magic.

Stocks are down as expectations for an interest rate hike increase

(SUS stocks are down slightly on Thursday while Treasurys are slipping as investors raise expectations for an interest rate hike.  

At 10:36 a.m. ET, the Dow was down 86.28 points (-0.47%), the S&P 500 was down by 5.86 points (-0.27%) and the Nasdaq fell 23.08 points (-0.43%).

West Texas Intermediate crude oil climbed above $50 a barrel for the first time since June 24 on expectations of an production cut by OPEC in November. 

Twitter’s shares plunged 19% on Thursday morning following reports that Google and Disney would not pursue a formal bid for the social network.

Meanwhile, shares of Deutsche bank continue to rally on news that the German government is pursuing talks with US authorities to help settle the bank’s enormous fine.

Walmart is down almost 3%  after predicting flat earnings next year. 

Goldman Sachs downgraded Tesla Motors Inc. to “neutral” from a “buy” rating on early Thursday morning, sending shares down 3.5%.

In economic data, initial jobless claims fell to 249,000 last week, below expectations of an increase to 256,000, according to the Department of Labor. The claims are just above the lowest level since the 1970s.

Treasurys are under early selling pressure, after the strong data has traders raising their expectations the Federal Reserve will lift its fed funds rate by the end of the year. 

US Treasurys fell, pushing the benchmark 10-year yield up 1.8 basis points to 1.05%. 

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