This blog reached 30.000 followers along with my main blog few months ago, but I didn’t know what to do to celebrate it …until today!

I like so much this song, and I think the lyrics fit for the human childs from Xtale and Undertale. May contain secrets? Heck yeah.  Hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for following during all this time!!

Undertale by Toby Fox
Xtale and Underverse by jakei95 / xtaleunderverse
Music by Mili - Komm Süsser Tod

Curiosities about my sketches
  • it’s like a fanfiction
  •  same characters, same personalities, same ships, lots of easter eggs, because it’s a series of sketches
  • inspired by the canon from the books of Harry Potter (not from Cursed Child).
  • It follows a line of my headcanons and headcanons that I see around tumblr
  • it doesn’t have a plot
  • it’s quite random if you ask me
  • it’s all digital art made with a charcoal textured brush
  • I’ve studied narrative concept art where one of the assignments was to create black and white compositions from movies screencraps
  • The black and white aesthetic has been developed because of this assignment.
  • I won’t ever draw Harry cheating on Ginny
  • So if you ask me to draw Drarry, Drinny, Harmione, I won’t
  • I started shipping Hinny this hard while drawing them because they are really really hot and fun to draw
  • Ginny got a pixie cut because I love Evan Rachel Wood & Ruby Rose’s short hairstyle and I thought it would be nice to see Ginny like this as an adult
  • But I was very insecure to introduce this headcanon here
  • Thank god more people enjoy it!
  • Ginny loves Harry - and she wouldn’t ever kiss another boy if they break up. Girls, on the other hand…
  • Harry doesn’t even have idea how hot he looks with a beard.
  • I feel like I can only draw sexual situation when it comes to Hinny
  • drawing these sketches help me with my anxiety and fear of failure and some sad thoughts
  • they make me positive :D
  • 4 months drawing the series helped reaching 29k followers on tumblr and 33k followers on instagram
  • I receive many messages of people saying they can ship Hinny because of the way I draw them and I am so happy because I can’t count how many times I’ve seen antiHinny posts around here
  • it’s nice to have some hinny love for a change
  • I don’t like when people say bad things about Harry’s manbun :(
  • it’s relaxing to draw his beard
  • speaking of which, his beard style is inspired by tony stark
  • also his sassy attitude
  • I can’t decide Hermione’s design so I’m still waiting for a huge inspiration to help me to draw more of her.
  • the sketches and comics take between 15 minutes to 4 hours to be done.
  • I draw them at night in my timezone. I post and then I go to sleep.
  • my favorite comic (if I am allowed to choose) is the one about Ginny growing up and being a fucking badass quidditch player
  • and it’s also the post with more notes that I have about this series
  • Harry and Ginny relationship is quite inspired by Monica and Chandler, from Friends, and Phil and Claire, from Modern Family.
  • if I remember something else, I will add here
  • thank you for reading you are brave

Hey everyone, Immy here back with another follow forever! I recently hit a milestone of 30k+ followers and I’m truly in shock because I never thought this blog would grow this much. I’m still so happy with all the incredible people I’ve met on here and I’m happy to enjoy BTS with you all. It’s been a pleasure creating content for this fandom and I hope to continue making everyone laugh and smile with it! Thank you so much to all that follow me ♡ Now lets get to this follow forever!

I’d also like to give a huge thank you to @comeherejimin for making my beautiful banner! (She’s wonderful and makes amazing gfx!!)

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